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FW: AAA seeks Director of Academic Relations (fwd)

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      Subject: AAA seeks Director of Academic Relations (fwd)

      Forwarded for AAA. Please send any comments/queries to the address listed
      below. - Hugh
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      Subject: AAA seeks Director of Academic Relations

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      Position Description
      Title: Director of Academic Relations
      Reports To: Executive Director
      General Responsibilities: This position is responsible for managing
      the academic information and survey research, professional employment,
      academic department services and minority services activities of the
      American Anthropological Association.
      Specific Duties:
      1. Monitor and report to the AAA membership in the Anthropology
      Newsletter, the AAA website and other means on trends in higher education,
      the social sciences and anthropology.
      2. Monitor and report to the AAA membership in the Anthropology
      Newsletter, the AAA website and other means on grants and other financial
      support for anthropological research and fieldwork.
      3. Manage AAA's biennial surveys of anthropology departments and PhD
      graduates, author various publications reporting on survey results, and
      explore additional opportunities for AAA data collection and reporting.
      4. Provide statistical, comparative and other information to graduate
      and undergraduate anthropology departments and programs, graduate schools
      and college and university administrators on matters relating to department
      reviews; department budgets and finances; faculty positions, hiring,
      salaries and other personnel matters; departmental support policies; student
      financial support; and other matters.
      5. Provide information to anthropology faculty and students on
      financial support resources; fieldwork and internship opportunities; career
      development matters; presentation and publishing opportunities; curricula,
      course modules, bibliographies and other teaching materials; and other
      6. Development of a new series of practical, career enhancing
      publications and/or other information products for anthropologists on
      subjects such as locating field research opportunities, conducting job
      searches, applying for fellowship and scholarship assistance, writing and
      7. Manage and develop AAA's Department Services Program, including
      regularly providing information to departments, organizing and maintenance
      of the academic department listserve, organizing department events and
      managing the placement service conducted at the AAA annual meeting,
      maintaining program records, invoicing and marketing the Department Services
      8. Supervise, manage and develop AAA's employment advertising services
      activities, including those in the Anthropology Newsletter and on the AAA
      9. Manage the AAA Minority Dissertation Fellowship Program.
      10. Maintain the Minority CV Database, and respond to requests for
      information on individuals listed in the database.
      11. Develop annual budgets and manage both revenues and expenditures on
      an ongoing basis.
      12. Supervise and manage other AAA personnel as required.
      13. Provide information, support and assistance to AAA committees, task
      forces or advisory bodies as assigned.

      PhD in anthropology is essential. Must be able to demonstrate commitment to
      four fields, academic and practicing anthropology.
      Experience in program and process management essential. Experience in
      higher education administration preferred.
      Position requires creativity, strong initiative, organizational skill,
      problem solving and disciplined follow through . Ability to supervise and
      manage other staff is essential.
      Demonstrated experience in database management, survey research and
      statistical analysis required.
      Must have excellent research, oral and writing communications skills.
      Requires excellent interpersonal skills. Collaborative, team oriented work
      style essential.
      Contact Info:

      American Anthropological Association
      4350 N. Fairfax Drive, Suite 640
      Arlington, VA 22203-1620

      Attn: Director of Administration and Finance
      or fmedina@... <mailto:fmedina@...>

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