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      Subject: WOMEN'S STUDIES QUARTERLY-call for papers

      Edited by Diane Hope and Vandana Shiva
      WOMEN'S STUDIES QUARTERLY is now inviting submissions for a special
      spring/summer 2001 issue on Women and the Environment. Articles, syllabi,
      pedagogical essays, bibliographies, biographies, fiction, poetry, and
      black-and-white art are welcome. Suggested areas of focus include, but are
      not limited to, feminist analysis of environmental issues; collective and
      individual work by women on environmental problems and solutions; reports of
      environmental issues with particular impact on women; biographical sketches;
      personal stories; conference and organizational reports; and relevant
      Manuscripts primarily focused on issues most pertinent to the United States
      should be sent to Professor Diane Hope, Rochester Institute of Technology,
      College of Liberal Arts, 92 Lomb Memorial Drive, Rochester, NY14623.
      Manuscripts international in scope should be sent to Vandana Shiva,
      Director, Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology, A 60 hauz
      khas, New Delhi, 110 016, India; fax 91-11-6856795 and 4626696.
      Deadline for submissions is November 30, 1999.
      For more information or for more detailed submission guidelines write to
      Diane Hope or e-mail her at dshgpt@... <mailto:dshgpt@...> .

      Since 1972 WOMEN'S STUDIES QUARTERLY has been the leading journal on
      teaching in women's studies. Thematic issues feature vital material for
      specialists and generalists alike, including the most recent scholarship
      available in jargon-free language; classroom aids such as course syllabi;
      discussions of strategies for teaching; and up-to-date, complete
      biblio-graphies as well as hard-to-find or never-before-published documents
      and literary materials. The intersections of race and class with gender are
      of special concern, as are international perspectives.
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