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      Subject: Symposium Announcement

      Apologies for cross posting
      2001 SAA's
      New Orleans, April 18_22
      Student Affairs Committee Sponsored Symposium
      Deadline: July 31st

      Archaeology as Anthropology: Perspectives at the Start of the New Millennium

      The SAA Student Affairs Committee is pleased to announce that it is accepting abstracts for consideration to be included in their 2001 sponsored symposium: "Archaeology as Anthropology."

      As we enter the new millennium, it seems productive to explore Americanist Archaeology's place within general Anthropology.  Students, representing the future professionals within the field, are imminently situated to evaluate how archaeology and it's parent discipline should react and interact with each other and other disciplines.

      Session Abstract:
      American Archaeology as a discipline has been traditionally housed in anthropology departments, in part due to historical accident.  Through time, many archaeologists have argued that archaeology could and should be anthropological in its analysis of past societies, and actively contribute to anthropological theory, especially in regards to explanations of culture change.  The issue of placing archaeological inquiry firmly within anthropology came to the forefront when "processual" theorists came on to the scene, although it did not necessarily originate with them.  In recent decades, alternative paradigms have highlighted both archaeology's and anthropology's ever increasing subject and analytic diversity, as well as connections to history, psychology, sociology, geology, geography, biology and other disciplines.  The papers in this symposium explore archaeology's relationship to anthropology, and discuss interconnections and divergences.

      Paper abstracts will be due to Heather Van Wormer at <vanwor13@...> (or, Anthropology Department, 354 Baker Hall, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824_1118) by July 31st and should conform to SAA guidelines (Guidelines can be found at
      http://www.saa.org/Meetings/index.html).  The Student Affairs Committee members will anonymously review all submissions.  Selected papers will be presented at the 2001 Annual Meetings in New Orleans.
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