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Re: [SACC-L] Viruses from Student Papers?

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  • Andrew Petto
    Beverly: I do this with my huge classes. It is a different kind of headache, but it works well (though currently we are not using Blackboard, I do use it for
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 8, 2010

      I do this with my huge classes. It is a different kind of headache, but
      it works well (though currently we are not using Blackboard, I do use it
      for the Virtual Science Fair that I work on with American schools
      abroad. These comments are applicable to BB, WebCT, and D2L --- all of
      which I have used for this purpose).

      First of all, the software itself screens for viruses. It is not
      perfect, but it is pretty good.
      Second, the system organizes all the files --- you can set up specific
      folders, put in hard deadlines, get the student work time stamped, AND
      have email receipts sent to students. So, when a student says, "I turned
      it in ..." you can tell if, and when it came in. In the rare case that
      the system loses the file, the student who prudently kept the receipt
      (which I always tell them to do, but most do not) will have
      documentation that the file was appropriately submitted.
      Third, most of these systems have fairly easy download capabilities ---
      so, you can collect all the papers for one assignment into a single
      folder, compress it, and then have the system deliver it to you. When
      you extract the cases, they end up in a folder with the same name as the
      one that the system created, so your files on your own computer
      correspond to the ones on the web site.
      Fourth, the system has infinitely more storage space than you do, so it
      can keep all the student papers for all the courses you ever taught.
      And, when you check the file properties to find a document whose history
      indicates that it was originally written by another student or created
      during a previous semester, it is fairly easy to track down the
      plagiarists (We have NEVER lost one of these cases on appeal by students
      --- including the idiot who turned in a plagiarized paper to replace a
      previously plagiarized paper).

      There is a learning curve, but IMHO it is worth it.

      Anj Petto
      Beverly Bennett wrote:
      > Hi, everyone,
      > I was recently told that if I allow students to send me their papers
      > through e-mail, that opens me up to viruses, and that I should switch
      > to having them sent in through Blackboard. Any thoughts on that? I'm
      > not sure how it would work through Blackboard, since I can't send one
      > to myself to test!
      > Thanks very much, and Happy New Year!
      > Beverly
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