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      Subject: clic-liso conference

      From: Kimberly S. Harbison <harbison@...>

      Please distribute:

      University of California, Santa Barbara
      April 29 - May 1, 1999

      Plenary Speaker: Don Kulick

      Language and Gender/Language and Sexuality

      Guest Speaker: Bev Sauer

      Embodied Experience: Representing Risk in Speech and Gesture

      Presented by: The Language, Interaction, and Social Organization
      (LISO) Graduate Student Association at UCSB
      The Center for Language, Interaction, and Culture
      (CLIC) Graduate Student Association at UCLA

      Registration and all events are free, but space is limited and pre-
      registration is strongly encouraged BY APRIL 1 (SEE FORM AT THE END
      OF THIS MESSAGE). For more information, contact us at
      harbison@..., or see our website at

      Conference Events Include:

      Th, April 29
      Pre-conference workshop for graduate students with Dr. Kulick
      (space limited to 40) Pre-conference reception (open to everyone)

      F, April 30
      Full day of paper presentations
      Plenary Speaker Don Kulick: Language and Gender/Language and Sexuality
      Dinner Party

      Sat, May 1
      Half day of paper presentations
      Guest speaker Bev Sauer: Embodied Experience: Representing Risk in
      Speech and Gesture
      Panel Discussion with UCSB and UCLA faculty: Methodologies at the
      Crossroads: Perspectives on Language,
      Interaction, and Culture Research

      Don Kulick is Professor of Anthropology at the University of Stockholm. He
      is the author of "Language shift and cultural reproduction: socialization,
      syncretism and self in a Papua New Guinean village" (CUP 1992). His most
      recent book is "Travesti: sex, gender and culture among Brazilian trans-
      gendered prostitutes" (U of Chicago Press, 1998).

      Bev Sauer teaches courses in Classical and Renaissance Rhetoric, advanced
      professional and technical communication, the rhetoric of science, language
      and design, and the rhetoric of public policy. Her current work investi-
      gates the rhetorical strategies that individuals employ to represent an
      individual's embodied viewpoint at two critical moments of knowledge
      transfer within risky industries: accident investigations and workplace
      safety training and instruction.

      LISO is an interdisciplinary Ph.D. emphasis at the University of Cali-
      fornia, Santa Barbara, whose members share an interest in the analysis of
      recorded social interaction through various approaches, including con-
      versation analysis, interactional sociolinguistics, and functional
      linguistics. LISO is composed of faculty and graduate students from
      linguistics, sociology, and education, among other departments.

      CLIC is located at the University of California, Los Angeles. The purpose
      of CLIC is to promote cross-disciplinary discussion about issues regarding
      language as a complex resource for thinking and acting in the world. CLIC
      is composed of faculty and graduate students from anthropology, applied
      linguistics, education, psychology, and sociology.

      **************************REGISTRATION FORM********************************
      Please e-mail this form to harbison@..., or mail a hard copy to
      the address below by APRIL 1.

      NAME (to appear on badge):

      AFFILIATION (to appear on badge):




      Please indicate which events you want to register for:

      April 29 Pre-conference reception_______
      April 29 Graduate Student Workshop with Dr. Kulick (space limited)________
      April 30 ________
      May 1 ________

      Would you like information on hotels/transportation? Yes/No____________

      LISO Graduate Student Association
      Department of Sociology
      University of California
      Santa Barbara, CA 93106

      FAX: (805) 893-3324

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