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FW: "Feminology and gender studies in Russia"

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      Subject: CFP: "Feminology and gender studies in Russia"

      Head Council of interinstitutional scientific-research program
      "Feminology and gender studies in Russia"
      Ivanovo state university

      153025, Russia, Ivanovo, Ermaka str., 39
      tel(fax): 7(0932) 326600, 7(0932) 325161

      Head Council of scientific-research program "Feminology and gender studies
      in Russia: progressive strategies and technologies", Ministry of common and
      professional education of Russia, Ivanovo State University invite you to
      take part in the international scientific conference:
      "Gender relationships in Russia history, modern state and prospects", which
      is to be held in Ivanovo on May 27-28, 1999.
      The purpose of the conference - activation of gender studies, exchange of
      scientific information, scientific understanding of modern problems in
      forming the social and legal status of Russian women, elaboration of social
      technologies of adaptation and self-realization of the person in new
      economical and political conditions. The important purpose of the
      conference is summing up the results of the work of program co-executors
      among higher institutions during 1998, and elaboration of prospective
      scientific of research. For the sake of this aim it is planned to hold the
      workshop "Women and gender studies in the Russian higher institutions:
      modern state and prospects".
      Also, the collection of scientific materials will be issued, where on the
      participants choice will be published theses (2 pages) or small article (5
      pages). The results of the scientific conference will be taken up in
      scientific journal "Woman in Russian society". During the conference the
      scientific discussion on the following problems is planned:
      1.Gender aspects of social policy.
      2. Gender: philosophy, language, culture.
      3. Gender and power.
      4. Women in science and education on the eve of the XXIst century.
      5. Gender relationships in Russia: historical aspects.
      6. Scientific and methodological principles of delivering the courses
      on feminology and sociology of gender relationships.

      We welcome reports based not only Russian materials, but concerning the
      problems of different countries. It is planned to hold the conference in the
      spa "Green town", which is situated near Ivanovo in the picturesque place.
      The cost of residence - 80 rubles per day (about 4$), meals - 50 rubles per
      day (2,5$). Cultural program is supposed.
      Travelling and residence expenses are provided by participants of the
      conference. We ask you to tell us in advance the membership of the
      participants, time of arrival and if it is necessary to order return ticket.
      Our address:
      153025, Ivanovo, Ermaka str., 39 Ivanovo state university,
      Head Council of the program "Feminology and gender studies in Russia"
      Tel.:7(0932)325161 Fax: 7(0932)326600
      E-mail: reklned@... <mailto:reklned@...>

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