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FW: New conference volume on ethno-analogy

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    ... From: M Porr [mailto:M.PORR@soton.ac.uk] Sent: Tuesday, May 09, 2000 7:22 AM To: ANTHRO-L@LISTSERV.ACSU.BUFFALO.EDU Subject: New conference volume on
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      FW: New conference volume on ethno-analogy

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      From: M Porr [mailto:M.PORR@...]
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      Subject: New conference volume on ethno-analogy

      Dear Colleagues,

      Our conference volume  "Ethno-Analogy and the Reconstruction of Prehistoric
      Artefact Use and Production"  has now appeared. we have attached a short
      description to the end of this mail. If you are interested it costs
      69, DM and can be ordered per post or fax from our publisher:

      Mo Vince Verlag
      Mona Ziegler
      Verlag und Versandbuchhandel
      Postfach 21 02 30
      D-72025 Tübingen

      within Germany 07071 295714
      outside Germany  0049 7071 295714

      with best wishes,
      Linda R. Owen
      Martin Porr

      Ethno-Analogy and the Reconstruction of Prehistoric Artefact Use and

      Linda R. Owen & Martin Porr (eds.)

      This volume contains 19 edited papers on the use of analogical reasoning
      for the reconstruction of prehistoric artefacts, which were held at a
      conference in Tübingen in 1997. The focus is not on theoretical debates,
      but on case studies which demonstrate how analogical reasoning can be
      applied to specific archaeological problems. By relating historic,
      ethnographic and experimental studies to archaeological phenomena, the
      contributions show how new insights can be gained into the complicated
      processes of artefact use and production. The detailed studies from five
      continents handle a variety of materials and objects (e.g. beads, pottery,
      figurines, stone and bone tools, leather, medicine wheels, tipi rings) from
      different time periods. In doing so, they use diverse interpretative
      techniques, methods and approaches (e.g. functional analysis,
      experimentation, the study of artefact distributions). The book is thus an
      important contribution to analytical and interpretative techniques in
      archaeology. It is also evidence of the large range of archaeological
      research being carried out in both the New and Old Worlds which crosses
      disciplinary boundaries. All of the articles are in English and have
      English, German and French abstracts.

      21 x 30 cm
      ca. 300 pages
      Price: 69,- DM

      Table of Contents

      Preface (Nicholas J. Conard)

      Ethno-Analogy in Theory and Practice: An Introduction (Linda R. Owen &
      Martin Porr)

      Archaeology, Analogy, Material Culture, Society: An Exploration (Martin

      Questioning Stereo-Typical Notions of Prehistoric Tool Functions.
      Ethno-Analogy, Experimentation and Functional Analysis (Linda R. Owen)

      Warping Prehistory: Direct Data and Ethnographic Analogies for Fiber
      Manufactures (Alice Beck Kehoe)

      Tool Use and Society in the Dutch Neolithic: The Inevitability of
      Ethnographic Analogies (Annelou van Gijn & Daan Raemaekers)

      Two Technologies - Two Mentalities (Helena Knutsson)

      The Presence of Intact, Complete Artefacts in Archaeological Sites:
      Indicators of a Rupture in the Way of Life? (Maryke Hehmsoth-LeMouël)

      Micro- and Macro-Debitage Analysis in an Upper Palaeolithic Site of Japan
      (Sachiko Fujino)

      Ethno-Neglect or the Contradiction Between Ethnohistorical Sources and the
      Archaeological Record: The Case of Stone Tools of the Yamana People (Tierra
      del Fuego, Argentinia) (Ignacio Clemente, Xavier Terradas, Assumpció Vila &
      Estela Mansur)

      Ethnoarchaeology : A Way of Experimentation (Sylvie Beyries)

      Hide Treatment in a Middle Palaeolithic Site: Use-Wear Analysis and
      Experimental Reconstruction of the Chaînes Opératoires (Cristina Lemorini)

      The Reconstruction of Ancient Leather Technology or How to Mix
      Methodological Approaches: An Example from Canary Island Prehistory (Amelia
      C. Rodríguez Rodríguez)

      Ethnoarchaeology and the Generation of Referential Models: The Case of
      Harappan Carnelian Beads (Valentine Roux)

      Analogy and Context. A Re-Construction of the Missing Link (Peter F. Biehl)

      Manual Laterality Apprenticeship as the First Learning Rule Prescribed to
      Potters: A Case Study in Handmade Pottery from Northern Cameroon (Hélène

      Technological and Stylistic Borrowings Between Ceramic Traditions: A Case
      Study from Northeastern Senegal (Agnès Gelbert)

      Defining Maya Ceramic Production at K'axob: An Experimental Study (Sandra
      L. López Varela, Patricia A. McAnany & Kimberly A. Berry)

      >From Ceramic Production to Vessel Use: A Multi-Level Approach to the
      Neolithic Communities of the Tavoliere (Southern Italy) (Italo Muntoni)

      The Development of the Direct Ethnological Approach to Studies of
      Archaeology in the Northwestern Plains of North America: The Case of
      Medicine Wheels, Tipi Rings and Boulder Effigies (Thomas F. Kehoe)

      Recent Cave Dwellings in Southeast Asia: Homes, Domiciles or Refuges?
      Explanation and Interpretation of Prehistoric Archaeological Structures
      (Johannes Moser)

      Martin Porr
      Department of Archaeology
      University of Southampton
      Highfield/Avenue Campus
      Southampton SO17 1BJ
      United Kingdom

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