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FW: Scout Report extracts (long)

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      Subject: Scout Report extracts (long)

      From the most recent Scout Report, here are some internet resources that may
      interest some of the people on the list:
      8. The Wabash Center Guide to Internet Resources for Teaching and
      Learning in Theology and Religion

      Despite the austerity of its appearance, this guide provides
      students and educators with copious references to electronic resources
      related to the study of religion and theology. The well-organized guide
      focuses on Christianity but also includes information on other world
      religions. Users may browse the catalog of annotated Internet resources by
      course area or material type, including bibliographies, syllabi, electronic
      texts, electronic journals, Websites, electronic discussion groups, and
      liturgical resources. The guide was created by Charles Bellinger, a
      librarian at Regent College (Vancouver, BC), for the Wabash Center for
      Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion located within Wabash College
      (Crawfordsville, Indiana). [AO]

      9. body (i)con
      body (i)con examines mass media representations of women's bodies,
      the effects these representations have on physical and mental health, and
      the societal perpetuation of unattainable beauty standards. The site is a
      new media master's project created by Kim Dixon, Tiffany Kary, and Dan
      Maccarone, students in the Columbia University Graduate School of
      Journalism. body (i)con includes five major sections: body as history, body
      as commodity, forbidden food, fighting back, and body modification. Each
      section contains subsections that explore issues related to the major topic,
      such as the impact of the diet industry, the pervasiveness of cosmetic
      surgery, and the cultural relativity of feminine beauty. [AO]
      12. Byzantium 1200
      http://byzantium1200.org/ <http://byzantium1200.org/>

      Byzantium 1200 presents a collection of computer-generated images and models
      that reconstruct the ruins of 53 Byzantine architectural structures as they
      would have appeared in Istanbul (Constantinople), Turkey in the year 1200.
      Each reconstruction, created by A. Tayfun Oner, is accompanied by a brief
      description written by subject expert Dr. Albrecht Berger of the Free
      University of Berlin (Freie Universitat Berlin). Reconstructed architectural
      structures include palaces, monasteries, aqueducts, arches, fora, columns,
      churches, gates, walls, and numerous other buildings. The site also provides
      a section citing the frequent additions and emendations made to the
      collection. [AO]

      13. The Witchcraft Bibliography Project
      The Witchcraft Bibliography Project compiles and disseminates
      bibliographical information about witchcraft in early modern Europe and
      America. The bibliography includes references in English, Spanish, French,
      Portuguese, German, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, and Dutch. The bibliography
      is divided into 20 topics and may be browsed online or downloaded as a
      compressed self-extracting file. In addition, the Website contains a briefly
      annotated list of Internet resources related to the project. The extensive
      bibliography was originally compiled by History Professor Jeffrey Merrick of
      the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and has recently been enlarged and
      amended by its current compiler, Richard M. Golden, Chair of the Department
      of History at the University of North Texas. [AO]

      14. Two New Exhibits from the Newman Library, Baruch College/ CUNY
      African-Native Americans : We Are Still Here
      Red Scare: An Image Database

      The William & Anita Newman Library at Baruch College (The City University of
      New York) has recently added these two exhibits to its digital collection.
      The first, African-Native Americans: We Are Still Here, is a photo exhibit
      that profiles people of joint African American and Native American heritage,
      with text by Eve Winddancer and photographs by Louis B. Myers. The second,
      Red Scare, is an image database created by Leo Robert Klein, Web Coordinator
      and Digital Resources Developer for Newman Library. The database contains
      137 photographs and political cartoons that illustrate US political history
      from 1918 to 1920. The images are arranged chronologically and by subject. A
      list of subject headings are provided. [AO]

      15. The Women's Presses Library Project
      The Women's Presses Library Project is a coalition of 30 women-owned
      independent presses that offers librarians and other collection developers a
      resource for identifying alternative library materials created for women and
      girls. The project's bibliographic database contains nearly 400 titles,
      providing access to subjects that are frequently neglected by larger
      publishers. Users may search the database by keyword, title, author,
      publisher, subject, or ISBN. In addition, users may browse alphabetical
      author, publisher, and subject lists to locate items. The subject list
      indexes over 80 terms that are organized categorically as well as
      alphabetically. [AO]
      22. Job Guides/Funding
      H-Net Job Guide
      http://www.matrix.msu.edu/jobs/ <http://www.matrix.msu.edu/jobs/>

      Chronicle of Higher Education Job Openings
      Social Science

      Fulbright Grants for US Faculty and Professionals-Council for
      International Exchange of Scholars
      http://www.iie.org/cies/usfulb.htm <http://www.iie.org/cies/usfulb.htm>

      College Scholarships & Graduate Fellowships
      http://sandburg.unm.edu/ <http://sandburg.unm.edu/>

      Compiled by Dr. Francisco Alberto Tomei Torres of the University of New
      Mexico, this list provides notices of funding opportunities in several
      categories. [AO]

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      Internet Scout Project, located in the University of Wisconsin-Madison's
      Department of Computer Sciences.

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      Editor Andrew Osmond [AO]
      Production Editor Travis Koplow
      Webmaster Paul M Schwartz

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      annotations from the Scout Report for Social Sciences.
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      >From the Scout Report for Social Sciences, Copyright Internet Scout
      1994-1999. http://scout.cs.wisc.edu/ <http://scout.cs.wisc.edu/>
      The paragraph below is the copyright notice to be used when reproducing the
      entire report, in any format:
      Copyright Susan Calcari and the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents,
      1994-1999. The Internet Scout Project (http://scout.cs.wisc.edu/)
      <http://scout.cs.wisc.edu/)> , located in the Computer Sciences Department
      of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, provides information about the
      Internet to the U.S. research and education community under a grant from the
      National Science Foundation, number NCR-9712163. The Government has certain
      rights in this material. Permission is granted to make and distribute
      verbatim copies of the entire Scout Report provided this paragraph,
      including the copyright notice, are preserved on all copies.
      Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this
      publication are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the
      views of the University of Wisconsin-Madison or the National Science



      Jim Martin

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