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FW: archaeology lab position announcement --please post

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  • Popplestone, Ann
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      FW: archaeology lab position announcement --please post

      Ann Popplestone
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      Subject:        archaeology lab position announcement-please post

      The Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation (Monticello)  seeks an Archaeological Laboratory Manager, responsible for overseeing all aspects lab organization and operations in its Department of Archaeology.

      Responsibilities include artifact processing, classification, measurement,
      and curation, reporting from and maintenance of computer-based artifact
      catalogue,  research and analysis for previously and newly excavated
      assemblages. Requirements include strong organizational skills,
      demonstrated experience with relational database applications, expertise
      in the material culture of the early modern Atlantic world, especially
      ceramics,  M.A. in anthropology or related field, with emphasis on
      archaeology, five years experience in archaeology, one year experience in
      a supervisory capacity in an archaeological laboratory. Quantitative and
      graphical computing skills are a plus. This is a full-time position with
      benefits. Please send a cover letter, vita, and names of three references
      to:     Ms. Lana Hamilton; Director of Human Resources; Monticello; Box 316;
              Charlottesville, VA 22902. Application materials may be emailed to lhamilton@....

      Fraser D. Neiman
      Department of Archaeology, Monticello, Box 316, Charlottesville VA 22902
      phone:(804)984-9812  fax:(804)977-7757  email:fraser.neiman@...

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