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FW: [AAA_Section_Pres_Listserv] 2010 AAA annual meeting theme

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  • Gilliland, Mary
    Dear all: The theme of the 2010 AAA Meetings will be Circulation (see below). The announcement has come out early, and it is the Section Assembly s hope
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 17, 2009
      Dear all: The theme of the 2010 AAA Meetings will be "Circulation" (see below). The announcement has come out early, and it is the Section Assembly's hope that all sections will get excited and involved. Is SACC interested in this theme? Can we think of ways we might fit our interests into the topic of Circulation? Are we interested in thinking about trying to put together a Presidential Session, or perhaps individual members may want to participate in something...

      I'm sending this out for consideration and information, and will try to keep passing on whatever comes my way.

      Mary Kay Gilliland
      Tucson, Arizona
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      Subject: [AAA_Section_Pres_Listserv] 2010 AAA annual meeting theme

      Hello everyone,

      Monica Heller, Chair of the AAA 2010 Executive Program Committee
      (EPC), has asked that I send the meeting theme, call for presidential
      sessions proposals, and list of program committee members to you in
      advance of their announcement in next month's AnthroNews. It's
      Monica's hope (and definitely mine) that, with more lead time,
      section leaders will be able to more thoroughly discuss these
      materials with their members and program chairs and increase section
      participation in the presidential sessions proposal process for the
      New Orleans meetings. I will paste the theme below and follow this
      message with the CFP for presidential sessions and the committee
      member list. PLEASE take advantage of the early release date to get
      your membership excited about participating in the presidential
      sessions. If you have any questions or would like to submit a
      presidential session proposal please direct them to Monica Heller at: monica.heller@...
      AAA 2010 Annual Meeting theme:

      In 2010, the AAA will meet in New Orleans, where the river meets the
      sea. New Orleans channels flows into the heart of a continent, and out
      across oceans, around the globe. The boundary between river and sea;
      among earth, water, and even air, is shifting and unclear. The
      circulation of people and other living organisms, of material things,
      and of ideas in such zones of passage constitutes some of the central
      social and physical processes of concern to all kinds of
      anthropologists, historically and in the present.

      New Orleans has inspired the theme for the 2010 meetings:
      “circulation” is meant to inspire us to think about what happens when
      movement is the organizing trope of our questions, our methodologies,
      our analyses and our accounts. We can think in terms of circulation
      across time as well as across space; through different kinds of
      organizing principles; in a variety of shapes and forms.

      The idea of circulation invites us to consider what triggers,
      facilitates, constrains, disrupts or stops flows, what is at stake for
      whom in these processes, and what their consequences might be, for
      humans and for the environment. It opens up questions about what
      exactly circulates: signs? objects? bodies? Do different things
      circulate in different ways? Do they change or remain constant? What
      new phenomena, new arrangements and new inequalities, does circulation
      produce? How are resources, and ways of understanding them,
      identified, made sense of, produced and distributed in the process?
      How (and why) do rates and types of circulation vary across time and
      space? What crystallizes and what continues to flow and re-shape?

      “Circulation” also invites us to think across boundaries, whether
      those are boundaries organizing phenomena we seek to describe and
      explain, boundaries within and across disciplines, or boundaries among
      anthropologists or other social groups, and along various kinds of
      organizing principles. It turns our attention to zones of encounter,
      conjunctions and liminal passages.

      It also requires us to ask whether “circulation” is a helpful trope
      for the production of anthropological knowledge. What light does it
      shed on the (increasingly widely circulating) concept of “culture”,
      arguably the central organizing construct of anthropology? And on
      anthropology itself?

      We are interested in bringing together papers from the perspectives of
      all subfields and forms of anthropological practice, or across them,
      investigating this theme with data, method and theory oriented to all
      temporal and spatial horizons.

      Come and participate in the circulation of ideas.


      Mary L. Gray
      AAA Section Assembly Convenor, 2008-2010
      AAA Executive Board Member, 2008-2010
      Mary L. Gray
      Assistant Professor of Communication and Culture
      Affiliate Faculty of Gender Studies
      Adjunct Faculty, American Studies and Anthropology
      Indiana University
      800 E. 3rd Street
      Bloomington, IN 47405

      BLOG for "Out in the Country, Youth, Media, and Queer Visibility in
      Rural America" (NYU Press 2009)
      @ http://www.QUEERCOUNTRY.org

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