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FW: [AAA_Section_Pres_Listserv] CFP for 2010 Presidential Sessions and EPC member list

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  • Gilliland, Mary
    Here is the official announcement for the Presidential Sessions. SACC could put together a Presidential Session and apply for this directly to the Executive
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      Here is the official "announcement" for the Presidential Sessions. SACC could put together a Presidential Session and apply for this directly to the Executive Program Committee Chair, Monica Heller, contact info below.

      Mary Kay Gilliland
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      Subject: [AAA_Section_Pres_Listserv] CFP for 2010 Presidential Sessions and EPC member list

      Hi folks,

      here's the CFP for Presidential Sessions and the Executive Program
      Committee membership list:



      NEW ORLEANS, 17-21 NOVEMBER 2010


      The Executive Program Committee for the 2010 Annual Meeting of the
      American Anthropological Association, in association with 2009-2011
      President Virginia R. Dominguez, will select a small number of
      Presidential Sessions which speak directly to the theme of the
      conference and serve to engage the broad constituency of
      anthropologists and our interlocutors. We particularly encourage
      proposals which cut across approaches and domains of enquiry, and
      which bring together people who do not normally participate in the
      same conversations. These proposals may take the form of traditional
      academic panels, but we also strongly encourage innovative ideas;
      there is room for both.

      These proposals (and these proposals ONLY) should be submitted
      directly to the Executive Program Committee Chair, Monica Heller, at monica.heller@...

      DEADLINE: 15 JANUARY 2010.

      N.B.: Proposals for invited and regular sessions are to be submitted
      via AAA sections at a later date. That call for papers will be
      published shortly. For information on the meetings please go to the
      AAA website: www.aaanet.org.


      AAA Annual Meeting Executive Program Committee, 2010:

      Program Chair

      Monica Heller is Professor at the Ontario Institute for Studies in
      Education, University of Toronto. She has held the positions of
      Secretary-Treasurer of the Society for Linguistic Anthropology, and
      member of the AAA Executive Board (Linguistics seat). She was Program
      Chair for the 2003 International Pragmatics Association conference.
      Her area of specialization is language, nationalism and political
      economy, with a focus on francophone Canada.

      Executive Program Committee

      Robert Albro teaches in the School of International Service at
      American University (Washington, D.C.). He currently chairs the AAA Ad
      Hoc Commission on Anthropology’s Engagement with the Security and
      Intelligence Communities, and has been Chair of the AAA Committee for
      Human Rights. His research focuses on popular and indigenous politics
      in Bolivia, social and indigenous movements in Latin America,
      transnational civil society, cultural rights frameworks and the work
      of cultural policy, with a current concern for global cultural policy

      Michelle Daveluy is Professor, Department of Anthropology, University
      of Alberta, (Edmonton, Canada) and a Research Associate at the
      Canadian Circumpolar Institute. She is a founding member of the Forum
      international des anthropologues (FIA) and Past President of the
      Canadian Anthropology Society/Société canadienne d’anthropologie
      (CASCA). Her areas of specialization are language, work and mobility,

      Inuit governance.

      T. J. Ferguson owns Anthropological Research, LLC, in Tucson, Arizona
      where he is also a Professor of Practice at the University of Arizona,
      specializing in heritage management, repatriation, and land and water
      rights research. He is a member of the AAA Executive Board (Practicing
      Anthropology seat).

      Matthew Gutmann is Vice President for International Affairs and
      Professor of Anthropology at Brown University, where his research and
      teaching focus on gender, politics, and health in Mexico and the

      Steven Leigh is a biological anthropologist in the Department of
      Anthropology at the University of Illinois. His research focuses on
      the evolution of primate life histories, with special attenton to
      human life history evolution.

      Marilyn Martin-Jones is Director of the MOSAIC Centre for Research on
      Multilingualism and Professor of Languages in Education at the
      University of Birmingham (England). Her main areas of research
      interest are bilingual discourse practices and multilingual literacy
      in classroom and community contexts in the UK.

      Yoshinobu Ota is Professor at Kyushu University, (Japan). His areas
      of specialization include representation and indigeneity in Guatemala
      and Okinawa, Japan.

      Shalini Randeria is Professor of Social Anthropology at the University
      of Zurich (Switzerland). Her research focuses on globalisation, law,
      state and social movements in India. She is currently Deputy Chair of
      the World Council of Anthropology Associations (WCAA), member of the
      Senate of the German Research Council, and Past President of the
      European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA).

      Gustavo Lins Ribeiro is Professor, Department of Anthropology,
      Director of the Institute of Social Sciences, U of Brasilia,
      researcher of Brazil’s National Council of Scientific and
      Technological Development and past president of the Brazilian
      Association of Anthropology. He is a member of the Organizing
      Committee of the WCAA and Vice-president of the IUAES. His research
      interests include development, globalization and transnationalism.

      Ann Stahl is Professor and Chair in the Department of Anthropology at
      the University of Victoria, British Columbia (Canada). An
      anthropological archaeologist with expertise in Africa, her research
      centers on global connections and their implications for daily life.

      Nandini Sundar is Professor of Sociology, Delhi School of Economics,
      Delhi University (India), and Co-editor, Contributions to Indian
      Sociology. Her current teaching and research interests include
      citizenship, war and counterinsurgency in South Asia, indigenous
      identity and politics in India, the sociology of law, and inequality.

      Stanton Wortham is Professor at the Graduate School of Education,
      University of Pennsylvania, where he works on the emergence of social
      identities in local contexts, in schools and communities, in American
      cities and in areas of recent Mexican immigration.
      Vanda Vitali, Ph.D., is Director and CEO of the Auckland Museum (New
      Zealand). Her area of specialization is materials science and science
      applied to archaeology with particular focus on provenance studies.

      Mary L. Gray
      Assistant Professor of Communication and Culture
      Affiliate Faculty of Gender Studies
      Adjunct Faculty, American Studies and Anthropology
      Indiana University
      800 E. 3rd Street
      Bloomington, IN 47405

      BLOG for "Out in the Country, Youth, Media, and Queer Visibility in
      Rural America" (NYU Press 2009)
      @ http://www.QUEERCOUNTRY.org

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