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Fwd: Anthropology News "Repatriation" CFP: Article Proposals Now Due Nov 16

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  • Lloyd Miller
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    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 16, 2009
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      > From: Dinah Winnick <dwinnick@...>
      > Date: October 16, 2009 4:25:50 PM CDT
      > To: Dinah Winnick <dwinnick@...>
      > Subject: Anthropology News "Repatriation" CFP: Article Proposals Now
      > Due Nov 16
      > Dear AN Contributing Editors,
      > Thanks to the tremendous response that Anthropology News received to
      > our anthropology of water CFP, we are featuring the water theme in
      > both our January and February 2010 issues. This means that the
      > repatriation theme will now appear in our March 2010 issue, with the
      > deadline for article proposals extended to November 16, 2009. The
      > CFP is included below, and can also be accessed online at www.aaanet.org/issues/anthronews/CFP-Repatriation.cfm
      > . Please share this with your sections and interest groups. We would
      > love to feature content from as diverse a range of anthropological
      > perspectives as possible. Have a great weekend.
      > Best,
      > Dinah
      > Anthropology News Addresses Repatriation: Submit Your 300-Word
      > Article Proposal by Nov 16
      > In recognition of the 20th anniversary of the Native American Graves
      > Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA), Anthropology News seeks
      > contributions for a thematic issue on repatriation, broadly
      > conceived. Since its passage in 1990, NAGPRA has prompted
      > significant and compelling conversations on issues such as
      > intellectual property rights, identity politics, human rights and
      > professional ethics. Beyond NAGPRA, researchers, educators and
      > practitioners in all areas of anthropology engage with questions
      > involving repatriation on a daily basis, whether tracking the
      > lineage of a museum artifact, informing policy on cultural heritage,
      > or facilitating the return of refugees following a conflict.
      > We welcome proposals for In Focus commentaries, Teaching Strategies,
      > Field Notes articles, photo essays, news stories and interviews that
      > address the repatriation of people, objects and intangible heritage
      > from a wide range of angles including (but not limited to):
      > Visual heritage and intellectual property in a digital age
      > Illegal artifact excavation and trafficking
      > Interpreting genetic/cultural affiliation and patrimony
      > The consultation process and new collaborations
      > Tribal heritage programs and tribal sovereignty
      > Displacement/endangerment of people and artifacts through conflict
      > Refugee resettlement and diasporic cultural communities
      > Return of economic migrants
      > Memory, identity and temporality
      > Global discontinuities in repatriation policy
      > Practices related to NAGPRA compliance
      > Human rights and social justice
      > Guidelines
      > To participate, email a 300-word abstract and 50-100-word biosketch
      > to Anthropology News editor Dinah Winnick (dwinnick@...).
      > Proposals for photo essays should also include five high resolution
      > photographs (tiff or jpg), each with a caption and credit. Selected
      > authors will be asked to submit commentaries of 1000-1200 words or
      > shorter pieces for other article types.
      > New proposal submission deadline: November 16, 2009
      > Early submissions are encouraged.
      > Dinah Winnick
      > Associate Managing Editor, Anthropology News
      > American Anthropological Association
      > dwinnick@...
      > Visit the new AAA blog: http://blog.aaanet.org

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