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FW: Announcement: new Masters Programmes at UCL

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      FW: Announcement: new Masters Programmes at UCL

      Ann Popplestone
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      Subject:        Announcement: new Masters Programmes at UCL

      Apologies for cross-posting. 

      The Institute of Archaeology, University College London, UK is pleased to announce the following additions to its taught Masters programmes, all commencing in September 2000:

      • MA in Artefact Studies
      • MA in African Archaeology
      • MSc in Technology and Analysis of Archaeological Materials
      • MSc in Palaeoecology of Human Societies
      • MSc in GIS and Spatial Analysis in Archaeology
      • MSc in Conservation for Archaeology and Museums (2 year programme)

      • Current Masters programmes:

      • MA Archaeology
      • MA in Field and Analytical Techniques in Archaeology
      • MA in Museum Studies
      • MA in Public Archaeology
      • MA in Cultural Heritage Studies
      • MA in Egyptian Archaeology
      • MA in Comparative Art and Archaeology
      • MA in Principles of Conservation
      • MA in Research Methods for the Humanities
      • MSc in Forensic Archaeological Science

      For further information on all of the above programmes please contact:

        Graduate Admissions Tutor
        Institute of Archaeology
        University College London
        31-34 Gordon Square
        London WC1H 0PY, UK
        Tel:  020 7679 7495 (Overseas: +44 20 7679 7495)
        Fax:  020 7383 2572 (Overseas: +44 20 7383 2572)
        Email: ioa-pgadmissions@...
        Web: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/archaeology

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