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FW: 4/5/2000 Daily Report from The Chronicle of Higher Education

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      FW: 4/5/2000 Daily Report from The Chronicle of Higher Education

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      • NEARLY ONE IN FIVE COMMUNITY-COLLEGE STUDENTS is seeking computer or technical training, and more than a quarter of students taking non-credit courses at the institutions already have baccalaureate degrees or higher, according to a survey released Tuesday.
      • THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA has joined the anti-sweatshop group that students are pushing-the Worker Rights Consortium-but they are protesting anyway. As of Tuesday afternoon, a group was camping in a hallway outside the office of President Mary Sue Coleman and saying it would not leave until the institution dropped out of another organization, the Fair Labor Association, with ties to industry.
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        DEBATING THE "ANTI" IN ANTI-SWEATSHOP: Two opinion articles offer contrasting views of how best to confront the problem of exploited labor abroad. Richard P. Appelbaum and Edna Bonacich, of the University of California at Santa Barbara and at Riverside, respectively, say the Worker Rights Consortium is free of apparel-industry influence, and in a position to achieve real reform. Bama Athreya, of the International Labor Rights Fund, says the Fair Labor Association's well-connected membership gives it the power to succeed.

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