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FW: Egypt 2000-a Hieroglyphic Workshop

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  • Popplestone, Ann
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      FW: Egypt 2000-a Hieroglyphic Workshop

      Ann Popplestone
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      Subject:        Egypt 2000-a Hieroglyphic Workshop

      Greetings all:
      The Archaeological Institute of America, San Diego presents an exciting
      new tour of ancient Egypt, November 26-December 9, 2000.  Egypt 2000 is
      a study tour that offers rarely visited sites as well as an opportunity
      to quickly learn to read and understand ancient hieroglyphic
      inscriptions - (while others only stand in awe and wonder what all those
      little pictures mean).  Your escorts, the authors of Hieroglyphs for
      Travelers, present this, a Hieroglyphic Workshop-Live in Egypt.  Visit
      our new pictorial itinerary at: http://www.theglyph.com/itin2000.html
      Many beautiful photos of ancient sites
      "Our talented escorts made the learning experience an complete joy. Did we have fun? Yes, every minute we did." (Ginny Nichols).

      "A trip never to be forgotten: the stuff of dreams. Dreams fulfilled."
      (Gary Miller)
      Ron Fellows, AIA San Diego

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