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FW: AAC-L: A New Discussion List

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  • Popplestone, Ann
    Ann Popplestone CCC TLC 216-987-3584 ... From: Giacobbe, John [SMTP:JGiacobbe@STANTEC.COM] Sent: Thursday, March 30,
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      FW: AAC-L: A New Discussion List

      Ann Popplestone
      CCC   TLC

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      From:   Giacobbe, John [SMTP:JGiacobbe@...]
      Sent:   Thursday, March 30, 2000 3:05 PM
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      Subject:        AAC-L: A New Discussion List

      AAC-L: A New Discussion List
      We invite you to Join AAC-L, a discussion forum for those with an
      interest in Arizona Archaeology. The list is open to all interested
      parties, and membership in the Arizona Archaeological Council is not
      The purpose of the list is to provide an immediate channel for the flow of
      information and dialog between those with an interest in the cultural
      resources of Arizona. We hope to offer a place for people to talk about
      whatever is on their mind, to make announcements about conferences, field
      work, and publications, and to offer a place to post questions and request
      comment about ongoing projects
      Initially the list will be closed, that is, posting will be limited to those signed on to the list, to prevent spamming. As well, the list will be moderated to ensure basic decorum and appropriate postings. The parameters of the list will evolve as the members see fit. We are in the process of designing list protocols and formats, but are open for business immediately.

      To sign up, choose one of the options below
      To subscribe, send an empty message to AAC-L-subscribe@onelist.com
      To unsubscribe, send a message to AAC-L-unsubscribe@onelist.com
      To send a message to the moderator, write to: AAC-L-owner@onelist.com
      or email us below and we will add you manually
      To check out the list archives and back posts, sign up, post messages, and
      find out other goodies about the list, check out the list site at
      http://www.onelist.com/community/AAC-L, and visit the fairly decent folks at
      OneList who have provided us this service for promotional considerations
      Spread the Word!
      If you have any questions, write the list moderator,
      John Giacobbe, at cerci@...

      John A. Giacobbe
      Archaeology & Environmental Science
      Stantec Consulting, Inc., Phoenix, Arizona
      (602) 438-2200

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