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Meet GADO--a political cartoonist, par excellence!!!

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  • Melvin Johnson
    The March 2009 issue of The Geography Teacher, had an article about Godfry Mwampembwa, aka GADO, who is described as Africa s Best Political Cartoonist. I
    Message 1 of 2 , May 13, 2009
      The March 2009 issue of "The Geography Teacher," had an article about Godfry
      Mwampembwa, aka GADO, who is described as Africa's Best Political Cartoonist. I
      agree, he so hits the nail on the head over and over and over. The article states
      that "In 2007, the Netherlands awarded GADO the Prince Claus award for 'his courageous
      cartooning, for using humour to expose aspects of social and political conflicts, and
      for his inspirational role in the struggle for free expression." One can find his
      ongoing works at www.dailynation.co.ke, click on Op/Ed. He publishes in the "Daily
      Nation" which is apparently the largest daily newspaper in East and Central Africa.
      To quote from the article entitled "Meet GADO--wielding a mighty pen," GADO's "...work
      has dealt with many topics and has taken aim at numerous targets during his career.
      African and Euopean despots, political corruption, hunger, AIDS, child and gender
      abuse, ecology, terrorists, neo-colonialism, the United Nations, and American
      presidents of both parties are just a few of the issues and people he has skewered
      with his sharp wit."

      Check him out--he not only makes you laugh but also cry and sigh!!!

      Mel Johnson
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