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FW: ARCH-L Digest - 28 Mar 1999 to 29 Mar 1999 (#1999-87)

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  • Ann Popplestone
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      >Date: Sun, 28 Mar 1999 17:53:26 -0600
      >From: "John F. Campbell" <jcampbel@...>
      >Normal apologies for cross-posting:
      >SOUTHWESTERN WISCONSIN (May 20 and 21, 1999 - immediately prior to the
      >IRAC '99/ARARA Conference, 23-30 May, Ripon College, Wisconsin)
      >NOTE: If you have already signed up for any of the May 22nd Pre
      >Congress Field Trips out of Ripon you might want make your arrangements
      >Robert (Ernie) Boszhardt, Regional Archaeologist at the Mississippi
      >Valley Archaeology Center, University of La Crosse, recently located a
      >cave in Southwestern Wisconsin, roughly halfway between La Crosse and
      >Madison, and 2 1/2 hours from Ripon, Wisconsin. The cave, known locally
      >as Arnold's Cave, comprises chambers within a sandstone formation
      >limestone. Ernie found nearly 60 hitherto undiscovered Native American
      >pictographs in Arnold's Cave, executed in charcoal, including several
      >complex compositions. Among the depictions are deer/elk and figures
      >with bows and arrows, thunderbirds, and abstract motifs. The subject
      >matter and contextual evidence within the cave strongly suggest a Late
      >Woodland date (ca. A.D. 600-1000) for the pictographs.
      >Increasing unsolicited visitation and graffiti unfortunately pose a
      >threat to the preservation of the cave and its contents. Before any
      >management and conservation actions can be taken, it is imperative to
      complete a base-line recordation and condition assessment of the site.
      >With this aim in mind, Dr Alan Watchman (James Cook University,
      >Townsville, Queensland) and Dr Jannie Loubser (New South Associates,
      >Inc.,Stone Mountain, Georgia) will conduct a conservation recordation
      >workshop at Arnold's Cave on Thursday 20th and Friday 21st May prior to
      >the 1999 IRAC/ARARA Congress at Ripon College. Fieldwork will be
      >supplemented by informal lectures and discussions at night, including
      >introductory lecture by Ernie Boszhardt on Wednesday night, the 19th.
      >collection of notes describing rock art documentation and dating
      >techniques will also be issued.
      >Alan will examine the condition of the site, including rock formations,
      >joints, crusts, salts, biological activity, pigment, and evaluate
      >encrustations and other organic material for dating potential.
      >Participants will help Alan and Jannie assign panel numbers, map the
      >cave, photograph the panels, graphically record pictographs by means of
      >various techniques, complete condition assessment forms, consult
      >interested parties, discuss management and conservation options, and
      >compile recommendations pertaining to further research, interpretation,
      >and presentation. Ernie will use these fieldwork results to conserve
      >and manage the site.
      >Participation in the two day workshop will be $200 (US) per person. Due
      >to the confined and fragile nature of the cave there is room for only
      >participants (on a first-pay-first-serve basis). For more information
      >and registration contact Dr Jannie Loubser, New South Associates, Inc.
      >6150 East Ponce de Leon Avenue, Stone Mountain, Georgia, 30087, USA
      >(telephone: 770-498-4155; fax: 770-498-3809 E-mail:
      >mailto:jhnl@... ).
      >Please make out checks (cheques)to New South Associates, Inc.
      >Lodging will be close to Arnold's Cave, at a Bible Camp known as
      >Sugar Creek. The camp, which is located in a remote and scenic valley,
      >includes a very new lodge with individual baths and two beds per room.
      >Two nights with five prepared meals will cost $44-00 per person
      >(Wednesday and Thursday nights). The closest restaurants are within
      >seven miles from the camp. Individually prepared meals at the camp are
      >$3-00 for breakfast, $3-00 for lunch, and $5-00 for dinner.
      >Participants can fly into either Madison or La Crosse airports.
      >is served by more airlines, while La Crosse is served by subsidiaries
      >Northwest Airlines out of Minneapolis or American from Chicago, And
      >Midwest Express out of Milwaukee. Major
      >car rental agencies are also located at each airport, although pooling
      >may be an option (Ernie may organize pick-up transport for those folks
      >arriving at La Crosse Airport). As the cave where the work will be
      >is sandy and moist with a fairly constant temperature, bring work
      >clothes and flat soled shoes. This is a great opportunity to gain
      >knowledge and practical experience documenting rock art with
      >international rock art specialists.

      Anita Cohen-Williams
      Research Analyst, Donor Relations, USD
      Contributing Editor, Anthropology page, http://www.suite101.com

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