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FW: 575th anniversary of Louvain University - Call for papers (fw d)

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      FW: 575th anniversary of Louvain University - Call for papers (fwd)

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      Subject:        575th anniversary of Louvain University - Call for papers (fwd)

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      Subject:        Call for papers

      I would like to diffuse this call for papers.

      by the Laboratory of Prospective Anthropology (of the Sociology and Anthropology Dpt) and the " Collegium Anthropologicum Lovaniense " to mark the 575th anniversary of Louvain University.


        Call for papers


      Rusing is one of the key tactics for given actors in all kinds of cultures and, of late, is back on the academic agenda - one thinks of Detienne and Vernant's work on the theme in classical times,  of R.  Khawam recent translation a 13th century arabic treatise on political ruse - anticipating Machiavelli's Prince by several hundred years or Le Pichon's analysis of rusing amongs the Peul of the sahel region in West Africa.

      In many " ancestral " cultures of the world, rusing appears at once in legendary figures and the everyday struggle for life.  Africa as well as America has its tricksters (often represented as wily animals.  But what too of ruse in our modern and postmodern societies ?  Individuals and sometimes whole groups often seem obliged to resort to rusing with the established order of things so as to preserve their identity or to further their cause.

      The interdisciplinary nature of the theme means that the colloquium welcomes communications from theologians (was not the archruser, the Devil bettered by many a wily saint ?) from philosophers (to mention but Hegel, one philosopher who made much of Reason's rures) from ethologists (the animal world is full of ruses) as well as from more classical social scholars such as psychologists and psychoanalysts, from sociologists and anthropologists, historians and political scientists.  While case studies will be privileged, more theoretical papers will also be accepted by the organizing committee.

      One page summaries of proposed titles and topics should be sent (before 01.06.2000) to Professor " laurent@... " (fax : + or P-J. Laurent, Coll├Ęge J. Leclercq, Place Montesquieu 1, B. 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium.

      Olivier Servais
      Universite de Louvain
      Unite d'Anthropologie et de Sociologie
      Batiment Jacques Leclercq
      Place Montesquieu 1/1
      B-1348 Louvain-la-Neuve
      Belgique / Belgium
      Tel: +32(0)10474242
      Fax: +32(0)10474267

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