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Re: [SACC-L] MENU Feedback for SACC-fest

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  • Linda Light
    Mary, The default menus are fine with me. Linda Light ________________________________ From: Gilliland, Mary To:
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      The default menus are fine with me.
      Linda Light

      From: "Gilliland, Mary" <mkgilliland@...>
      To: "SACC-L@yahoogroups.com" <SACC-L@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Wednesday, March 25, 2009 1:37:10 PM
      Subject: [SACC-L] MENU Feedback for SACC-fest

      Dear all:

      In preparation for our upcoming meetings in Tucson, I need a general idea regarding food choices.

      Please respond to the following questions, directly to me - or to the listserve if you want to "share". My e-mail is mkgilliland@ pima.edu<mailto:mkgilliland@ pima.edu> Thanks!

      Lunch on Thursday:

      We will have a sandwich lunch on Thursday in the hotel. The main sandwich will be turkey with boursin cheese (creamy, slightly garlicky), and will have bacon on the sandwich. ** I need to know if anyone would like to have
      1) Bacon omitted
      2) Entirely veggie or vegan option instead (let me know if it is vegan instead of veggie, so we can also omit the cheese if needed and do something different on a croissant)

      Desert Museum on Saturday:

      First - instead of dinner at the Desert Museum, we are now having lunch, and dinner at another location (which will be a buffet and will accommodate all food preferences) . For the Desert Museum lunch, we will have "sandwich wraps", with a drink, chips and cookie.

      Please let me know your preference for your sandwich:

      Ham & Swiss
      Turkey & Cheddar
      Chicken Salad
      Veggie (probably grilled veggies - again let me know if we are also omitting cheese, just in case)

      THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP with this! Those of you who have students or other colleagues who are attending and are not on our listserve, try to solicit responses and send back.
      I'll "guestimate" for those who do not respond (a percentage vegetarian, etc.)

      Mary Kay GillilandPima Community College, West Campus
      2202 West Anklam Road
      Tucson, Arizona 85709-0215
      Tel: (520) 206-6763 Fax: (520) 206-6902
      E-Mail: mkgilliland@ pima.edu

      Mission: To Develop our Community Through Learning

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