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FW: new book announcement

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      FW: new book announcement

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      The Peabody Museum of Archaeolgy and Ethnology has just published Nyae Nyae !Kung Beliefs and Rites by Lorna J. Marshall.

      This work leads the reader through the intricacies, ambiguities and silences of !Kung beliefs. Her narrative, based on fieldwork among the Bushmen of the Kalahari in the early 1950's, brings into focus a way of live that appears to have existed for millennia. She presents the culture, beliefs, and spirituality of one of the last true hunting and gathering peoples by focusing on members of different bands as they reveal their own views. This account, with photography by John Marshall, reveals a system of beliefs, one in which two primal forces (N/ow and N/um) infuse everything and everyone.

      The book also depicts an egalitarian lifestyle based on sharing and group awareness, a lifestyle that has not survived intact the increasing integration of the Bushmen into the modern world.  A companion volume to her 1976 work, The !Kung of Nyae Nyae (1976), this book is also being published to mark the recent 100th birthday of Lorna Marshall.

      Peabody Museum Monographs, Volume 8

      360 pages; 17 b&w photographs
      Paperback; $25.00
      Cloth: $45.00
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