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FW: SOHA Annual Meeting 2000

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  • Popplestone, Ann
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      FW: SOHA Annual Meeting 2000

      Ann Popplestone
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      Subject:        SOHA Annual Meeting 2000

      The Southwest Oral History Association will be holding its annual meeting "Waves of Memory: Capturing Meaning in Oral History," April 28-30, 2000, at the WestCoast Hotel in Long Beach, California.  The meeting will include three workshops on Friday, sessions all day Saturday, and sessions on Sunday morning.  All attendees are invited to the Friday evening reception at the Solarium room of the historic Willmore, an Italian Renaissance Revival landmark built in 1927.  Another highlight of the meeting will be the Awards Luncheon held on Saturday.

      Please check our website http://www.unm.edu/~libfunds/develop/soha.html for specific information on the workshops and conference program.  General information regarding accomodations and transportation as well as a registration form is also available.

      If you are unable to access the website and are not a SOHA member, please contact Susan Yates  directly for a copy of the printed program (at following address:

      Susan Douglass Yates
      UCLA Oral History Program
      A253 Bunche Hall
      Los Angeles, CA 90095-1575
      (310) 825-7524
      (310) 206-2796 (fax)

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