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FW: Announcing NAPA Bulletin Web Page

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  • Ann Popplestone
    ... From: Dennis Wiedman [SMTP:wiedmand@fiu.edu] Sent: Wednesday, March 31, 1999 9:51 AM To: ANTHRO-L@LISTSERV.ACSU.BUFFALO.EDU Subject: Announcing NAPA
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      Subject: Announcing NAPA Bulletin Web Page

      Hello ANTHROL List:
      (Please post this message to other lists that have an interest. Please
      excuse the cross-posting.)

      The new web page www.NAPABulletin.org highlights the seventeen Bulletins
      published since 1985 by the National Association for the Practice of
      Anthropology and the American Anthropological Association. These
      monographs/books focus on the profession of anthropology, business
      anthropology, contract anthropology, consulting, anthropological
      careers, and the interfaces of theory and practice.

      On the new NAPABulletin.org web page you can find summaries of past
      Bulletins, as well as descriptions of the upcoming Bulletins: "The Unity
      of Theory and Practice in Anthropology," "Careers in Anthropology:
      Profiles of Practitioner Anthropologists," and "Applied Anthropology on
      the Internet: Communication and Innovation".

      On this web page you can search for authors or subjects contained in the
      past Bulletins. Libraries and electronic journal indexes consider these
      "books" so it is difficult to locate chapter topics and authors; this
      web page provides access to these important contributions. An author
      guide provides details on the publication process. From here you can
      order Bulletins from the American Anthropological Association, or
      subscribe as a new member of the National Association for the Practice
      of Anthropology.

      NAPABulletin.org enhances access to the accumulation of this work over
      the past decade and a half, and it brings this knowledge and experience
      to a much larger audience.

      Co-General Editor Linda Bennett and I invite you to visit:


      For more information contact Dennis Wiedman at Florida International
      University (wiedmand@...), or Linda Bennett at the University of
      Memphis (Lbennett@...).

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