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  • Gilliland, Mary
    The discussion on this new task force is just beginning. I would love to solicit input about how we SACC-ers, individually and collectively (at our
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 11, 2009
      The discussion on this new task force is just beginning. I would love to solicit input about how we SACC-ers, individually and collectively (at our institutions, and within SACC) mentor (budding) student anthropologists.

      What you send me can be free form. Let me know if I may use these ideas, comments, etc. in some condensed form in a report back to the task force. It will be great to have SACC represented in this Section Assembly Task Force, and I look forward to having the usual wonderful SACC responses (maybe no copralites here though, eh?)

      Mary Kay

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      Hello everyone,

      (I've made a list of who's on this mentoring task force and added it
      to the end of this email)

      I want to thank you all for 1) volunteering to take part in this SA
      task force on mentorship and 2) your patience as we finalized the
      charge, timeline, and final participant list for the task force.

      The goal of the task force is to collect and critically assess SA's
      "best practices" mentoring student anthropologists and nurturing their
      participation and leadership in AAA sections. This TF is also called
      upon to consider how to creatively improve on these "best practices"
      to enhance existing mentoring strategies, particularly support
      extended to underrepresented groups in the discipline. I hope you'll
      be able to present a brief summary report with your top
      recommendations to the SA via the listserv by April with the goal of
      presenting a set of recommendations to the AAA EB at their May meeting
      and any requests for resources those recommendations might entail.
      I'll bring the EB's response back to you and we'll figure out then
      whether you all feel the task force needs more time or if we're ready
      to present recommendations to the SA at its Fall meeting in

      Kim Baker and other AAA staff are available to you to map out current
      practices and imagine what we might do differently. You are also
      welcome to schedule teleconferences over the next 2 months to
      facilitate your work. You are also asked to coordinate your efforts
      with other AAA mentoring initiatives, such as the newly-constituted
      Student Caucus and the Association Operations Committee's mentoring
      project (and Kim can facilitate this as well).

      The first request I would like to make of you is: would someone (or a
      couple of someones) volunteer to serve as chair (or co-chairs) to lead
      the task force or nominate a fellow member to serve as chair? The
      chair would serve as the point person charged with coordinating with
      Kim and the AAA staff and make sure the draft report includes feedback
      and recommendations from all task force members before it is submitted
      to the SAEC and SA.

      Please feel free to contact me directly or reply to this list if you
      have any questions or concerns.

      Best and THANKS again!!!!

      Mary L. Gray
      Section Assembly Convenor, 2008-2010

      SA Mentoring Task Force members, 2009-2010

      Bill Maurer
      Deborah Pellow
      Karen Nakamura
      Marcy Hessling
      Teresa McCarty
      Claude Jacobs
      Mary Gilliand
      Mary L. Gray
      Assistant Professor of Communication and Culture
      Affiliate Faculty of Gender Studies and American Studies
      Indiana University
      800 E. 3rd Street
      Bloomington, IN 47405

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