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Re: [SACC-L] Fw: CCATP in Crisis

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  • Rob Edwards
    As most of you know I have retired and Dustin McKenzie was hired to fill my position. Unfortunately he is low on the totem pool and has been left totally out
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 30, 2009
      As most of you know I have retired and Dustin McKenzie was
      hired to fill my position. Unfortunately he is low on the
      totem pool and has been left totally out of the discussion
      scheduling actions by lower level administrators (such as
      Chair of Anthro.) have given indications that the future
      not bright. I have been removed from most of the Cabrillo
      email lists by the Anthro Chair and the Div. Dean and did
      not know about the latest descision until my return from a
      very enjoyable January visit to Egypt.
      I would appreciate any response possible from SACC members
      Please send comments to Prsident, Dr. Brian King, VP
      Instruction,Dr Renee Kilmer and Dean Rock Pfotenhauer.
      The point is that they don't understand what vocational
      archaeology is all about (and the cost of competentcy based
      training)or the numbers of jobs in CRM for which our
      completers are so well trained. There is also no
      understanding of CRM work and relationbships to such things
      as as stimulus plans. It would also be useful to indicate
      how other community colleges use this Program as a model or
      a as a destination for your students who are interested in
      Please copy Dustin, dusty@... and blind copy me at
      robedwardsaacc@... my new email.
      On Tue, 27 Jan 2009 23:06:25 -0500
      "Mark Lewine" <mlewine@...> wrote:
      > Anyone who knows Rob Edwards home email send this to him
      > and anyone who knows how to help save this program by
      > contacting successful grads, etc. please help. Some years
      > ago, when there was a budget problem, I wrote to Cabrillo
      > on behalf of SACC and our archaeology network and helped
      > support this excellent program. We may be needed again.
      > Mark
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      > Sent: Tuesday, January 27, 2009 7:43:08 PM
      > Subject: FW: CCATP in Crisis
      > From Dusty McKenzie with the Cabrillo College Archaeology
      > Technology Program.
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      > From: Dustin McKenzie [mailto:dumckenz@...]
      > Sent: Monday, January 26, 2009 12:33 PM
      > Subject: CCATP in Crisis
      > Dear friends,
      > I am very sad to report that due to the current budget
      > crisis the Cabrillo College administration has decided to
      > cut the Archaeology Technology Program (CCATP). This
      > means that Cabrillo College will no longer be offering
      > summer field schools, classes focused on state and
      > federal legislation, and archaeological data management
      > courses. The decision to cut the program was based on
      > analysis conducted by the Dean of Instruction, Career
      > Education and Economic Development. The analysis
      > apparently found that CCATP graduates rarely find work
      > after completing the program and those that find
      > employment do not receive a living wage. This conclusion
      > is very confusing as most CCATP students I know find
      > gainful employment after completing the program and some
      > students even begin working for local CRM companies while
      > still enrolled in the program. Furthermore, CCATP alumni
      > hold managerial positions at consulting firms and state
      > and federal agencies throughout California and beyond. It
      > is !
      > obvious that the CCATP has been a springboard for
      > students entering the job market or pursuing higher
      > education.
      > I know I am not the only one that believes that losing
      > the CCATP program is detrimental to the Cabrillo College
      > student body, agencies, and archaeological consulting
      > companies that rely on skilled archaeological
      > technicians. On this note, I think that anyone who is
      > concerned with the
      > future of Cabrillo College archaeology should contact the
      > administrative officials listed below. When doing so
      > please explain the significance of the program in regards
      > to your career or education. I hope that if the
      > administration becomes aware of the importance CCATP they
      > might reconsider cutting the program.
      > For students that are currently enrolled in the program
      > it is critical that you contact the administration and
      > me! As I understand it, the school is legally obligated
      > to provide you with all the classes listed in the catalog
      > the year you enrolled in the program. As such, you need
      > to tell the school that you expect them to honor your
      > catalog rights and that they must offer the classes you
      > need to earn your degree or certificate.
      > Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any
      > questions regarding these important issues!!!
      > Sincerely,
      > Dusty McKenzie
      > CCATP
      > Please contact...
      > Dr. Brian King
      > President and Superintendent
      > brian.king@...
      > Renée M. Kilmer Ph.D.
      > Vice President, Instruction
      > rekilmer@...
      > Rock Pfotenhauer
      > Dean of Instruction, Career Education and Economic
      > Development
      > rock@...
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