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FW: Margaret Mead Award

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      FW: Margaret Mead Award

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      To All Recipients:
      Please assist us in identifying the maximum number of well-qualified candidates for this prestigious award.  Feel free to share this announcement widely among your colleagues.  I will be pleased to respond to any questions you may have about the Award or the nomination process.

      Will Sibley - Awards Coordinator, SfAA
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      Margaret Mead was for years among the best known women in the world.  She was also the best known anthropologist with a particular talent for bringing anthropology fully into the light of public attention.  The Margaret Mead Award, initiated by the Society for Applied Anthropology in 1979, and awarded jointly with the American Anthropological Association since 1983, continues to celebrate the tradition of bringing anthropology to bear on wider societal and cultural issues.

      The Margaret Mead Award is presented to a younger scholar for a particular accomplishment, such as a book, film, monograph, service or film, which interprets anthropological data and principles in ways that make them meaningful to a broadly concerned public.  The award is designed to recognize a person clearly and integrally associated with research and/or practice in anthropology.  The awardee's activity will exemplify skills in broadening the impact of anthropology - skills for which Margaret Mead was admired widely.

      Nominees for the award must be under 40 years of age on January 1, 2001, or have received the Ph.D. degree after January 1, 1991.  Each application must include (1) the nominee's curriculum vitae, (2) letter (s) of recommendation describing the accomplishment and documenting its impact on relevant publics beyond the discipline and (3) other supporting materials, e.g., a book or film.

      Nominees' contributions  will be judged using the following criteria: (1) intellectual quality, (2) clarity and understandability, (3) the extent or depth of impact and (4) breadth of impact.   The selection committee consists of two persons appointed by the Society for Applied Anthropology and two persons appointed by the American Anthropological Association.

      Please send nominations and four copies of supporting material to the Margaret Mead Selection Committee at the following address: Society for Applied Anthropology, Box 24083, Oklahoma City, OK 73124.  Phone: (405) 843-5113; FAX (405) 843-8553; E-mail < sfaa@...>.

        Deadline for receipt of all materials is July 15, 2000.  Supporting

      material will not be returned unless specifically requested
      The 2000-2001 Award winner will be announced at the 2000 Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association. Presentation of the award plaque and stipend will be made jointly by the SfAA and AAA during the Annual Meeting of the SfAA in Spring 2001.


      John Ogbu, Brigitte Jordan, Nancy Scheper-Hughes, Mary Elmendorf, RuthAnn Knudson, Sue E. Estroff, Susan C.M. Scrimshaw, Jill E. Korbin, Myra Bluebond-Langner, Alex Stepik III, Mark Nichter, Wenda Trevathan, Will Roscoe, Leo R. Chavez, Katherine A. Dettwyler, Philippe Bourgois.

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