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Re: [SACC-L] T-SACC - Auto Industry Teaching Points

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  • George Thomas
    Wha-a-at? More coprolites from the archeology set? I m tired from a whole week of shovel-testing, and (sigh) the last thing I needed was to read kudos for
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 6, 2008
      Wha-a-at? More coprolites from the archeology set? I'm tired from a whole week of shovel-testing, and (sigh) the last thing I needed was to read kudos for Toyota!

      Beleaguered GM is getting a bum rap here, especially as their representative joined others to blow a crucial public relations exam before Congress and the media and showed up by private jet. Now I'm sure Toyota's execs are more savvy -- they dig it. If they had been similarly under fire, they would have arrived at the Pyramid of the High Priestdom driving Priuses, only a small economic step removed from the bicycle, one might add. Capitalist pigs take notice!

      I have a friend/acquaintance in the automotive tweaking biz who recently got rid of a new Toyota Tacoma. He was disappointed in its gas mileage. I notice he replaced it with a smaller Toyota Tacoma, and he is presumably more satisfied. But don't we detect a bit of cultural lag here? Toyota and cheapness go together in folklore only. With the 2000s decade came larger and larger renditions of the same old reliable models. While a Toyota Tacoma was once a good substitute for a tiny Toyota no-frills for those wishing more load capacity etc., today's Tacoma ranges in size up to the supersized Dodge Ram land-barge.

      I remember the days (long, long, long gone by) when gas was indeed cheaper than water, and one's 3/16-ton Toyota truck would go for thousands of miles for the price of lunch, nearly matching the bicycle shop expense that would have accrued for new tires over the same distance -- an extremely unlikely comparison.

      Things change, and indeed things have. According to minimally biased wise counsel originating from GM, I'm assured that my new (as of early August) Chevy Colorado's mileage rating beats that of the Tacoma. Unfortunately, about a month after purchase we all were treated to the grilling of the Fat Cats, and GM's CEO received most of the brunt. I have other motor geek friends and relatives who swore up and down that the Colorado's engine is manufactured by the same people who make Toyota engines.

      We'll see, especially when the time comes for replacement parts.

      Teaching points for intro anthropology classes?

      And your note was positively therapeutic, Bob. Belated thanks. I'm now bracing for my own impeachment, but please note: I wouldn't consider a Silverado....

      G. Thomas

      Posted by: "Mark Lewine" mlewine@... krameniwel
      Date: Fri Dec 5, 2008 9:33 pm ((PST))

      Yes, with my urban cultures class, we are exploring social marketing
      with an anthropological perspective...so far, we have come up with some
      scary ideas to test with some ethnographic focus groups: power point
      presentations with 'branded' symbols relating to educational consumers;
      text books partly subsidized by ads thus lowering book costs to students
      and increasing fees to published faculty authors...faculty wearing
      identifiable 'brands', using identifiable 'brands' of computers,
      publishers, news sources, book stores, office supplies stores, etc...anything to
      add, capitalist pigs of the future?

      1c. Re: T-SACC
      Posted by: "Johnson, Ellen C. K." Johnson@...
      Date: Sat Dec 6, 2008 1:25 am ((PST))

      N-SACC? (Nissan-SACC?)
      I do so enjoy these fun emails.
      Ellen Johnson


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      With all this SACC-L gushing about the Toyota Prius, I started feeling
      a little guilty, but not a lot. I got to thinking. First, that I might
      be kicked out of SACC for driving a big old Suburban, with the biggest
      engine that fits. But..I am trying to sell it. Not nay takers. What a
      surprise. So, now I'm thinking I might just store it. It might look good
      in a museum of the late 20th century. "In the days when gas was
      cheaper than water." Besides I've got a pick-up truck that I usually drive
      anyway. Now...before you start impeachment proceedings to get me kicked
      out of SACC....the pick up is a Toyota pick-up!

      So, now I'm thinking we can just buy wholly into the corporatization of
      education in North America. Why not sell naming rights to SACC? We can
      become T-SACC (Toyota-SACC).

      You're welcome.


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