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      looks interesting! Contact details below. Hugh


      11th CONGRESS 7 - 12 FEBRUARY 2001
      1st Announcement
      The University du Mali, the Institut des Sciences Humaines du Mali (ISH),
      the Centre National de Recherches Scientifiques et Technologiques (CNRST),
      Bamako, Mali are pleased to announce the 11th Congress of the Pan African
      Association of Prehistory and Related Studies.
      The Congress will be held from February 7 to February 12 at the Palais des
      Congres, Bamako, Mali.
      Below is the list of proposed academic themes:
      1. Quaternary Geology
      2. Hominid Evolution
      3. Paleoenvironments and Populations in Africa
      4. The African Stone Age
      5. Prehistoric Arts in Africa
      6. African Food Production
      7. Teminologies in Prehistory and the diffusion of the results of
      8. Advent of metals in Africa
      9. Interpretation of Cultural Change in Prehistory and History
      10.The Development of Complexity
      11.Historical archeology
      13.Diffusion of research results
      14.Information Technology and Archaeology in Africa
      15.Cultural ressource Management in Africa

      Suggestions of additional themes always are welcome.
      Registration fee
      Ordinary US$ 100
      Student 50
      Accompanying Person 50

      The registration fee is payable after circulation of the Second
      Announcement. Registration entitles members to full participation in the
      Congress and to a discount on the eventual cost of the published
      If you wish to attend the Congress and to receive the Second Announcement,
      please complete the accompanying form. Further details will then be sent to
      you in the firstquarter of the year 2000.
      General information
      Travel : Mali's capital, Bamako, has frequent flights to and from
      destinations in Africa, Europe, and United States. Travel to Mali should
      therefore present no problems.
      Accommodation: There are several hotels in Bamako with adequate
      accommodation. Hotel rates are between 40 and 100 dollars US. Cheaper
      accommodation facilities are available for some of the participants,
      particularly students, at the Centre Regional d'Energie Solaire which offers
      double room at $30. A complete list of the hotels in Bamako will be sent to
      the participants with the 2nd announcement.
      Academic sessions: The academic sessions of the Congress will take place in
      lecturer Hall/theatres equipped with audio-visual equipment. There will be
      no more than two parallel sessions on any one day. This should encourage
      full participation at sessions. Details of theme/session organisers will be
      sent to participants with the Third and final announcement. Papers can be
      presented in either English or French.
      Post Congress tours
      Mali has a rich cultural heritage. This includes archaeological sites known
      worldwide (such as Jenne-jeno), famous historical cities (Tombouctou,
      Djenne, Gao) and, of course, the Dogon Country which is reputed for the
      magnifiscence of its landscape and richness of its traditional culture. It
      is planned to arrange tours to some of these sites, and in particular, to
      the archaeological site of Jenne - jeno (near the historical town of
      Djenne), to Timbuktu (at the edge of the Sahara desert), and to the
      Bandiagara cliffs in the Dogon country.
      Funding for the Congress is expected to come from donor agencies to whom
      approches are being made. It is hoped that it will be possible to assist
      some participants from the African continent with travel and other costs.
      Dr. Tereba TOGOLA

      Registration form
      Title: (Mr, Mrs, Dr, Prof)
      Last name

      First name (s)

      Postal address

      Tele: Business Home

      Fax: Business Home

      I wish to attend the Congress and to receive the Second Announcement.
      /Yes /No
      I expect to present a paper in the theme

      Title of paper

      Type of registration: ordinary Student

      Please return completed registration form to:
      Dr Tereba Togola
      Direction Nationale des Arts et de la Culture
      BP 91, Bamako, Mali
      Tele 223 22 33 82
      Fax 223 21 67 86

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