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FW: Anthropology education wiki

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  • Kaupp, Ann
    ________________________________ From: Beverly Chiarulli [mailto:bevc@iup.edu] Sent: Tuesday, November 25, 2008 6:20 PM To: Maureen Malloy;
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      From: Beverly Chiarulli [mailto:bevc@...]
      Sent: Tuesday, November 25, 2008 6:20 PM
      To: Maureen Malloy; dl-saapublicarchaeology@...
      Subject: Anthropology education wiki

      Hi all - I've become part of the Amer Anthrop Ass Anthropology Ed
      Committee. We're experimenting with a wiki to provide resources for
      teaching anthropology and I've added a link about the shipwreck website
      developed by my friend Ellen Bedell of the Ellis School in Pittsburgh.
      If you would like to join in here's the instructions: The shipwreck
      link is under k-12 traditional subjects.

      Anthropology Education Center Wiki

      Welcome to the AAA Anthropology Education Committee's wiki for the
      development of the Anthropology Education Center. The strength of this
      resource depends on the contributions of its members. You must be a
      member to contribute, but getting membership is easy!

      To Become a Member:
      1) Follow These Instructions <http://anthroed.wikispaces.com/#Register
      for Membership>
      2) Email anthroed@... and we'll create a username and password for
      you that you can change later.
      Start Editing!
      Editing is as simple as clicking on the "edit" button and using the
      icons in the editor. One comforting fact about wikis is that all
      versions of a page prior to your edit are saved. We can always back up
      to the previous version. Use the Sandbox
      <http://anthroed.wikispaces.com/Sandbox> page to get your feet wet and
      experiment with editing. Click on "help" above to get more instructions
      for using the wiki.

      Learning Objectives, Model Curriculum, Sample Lesson Plans, Web

      We invite you to add any and all resources or links to resources that
      fall into the following categories. Don't worry with formatting or
      trying to make things neat. We are really in the development phase, so
      everything is welcome in any form. Also, please use the Discussion tab
      at the top of the pages if you have ideas about the subject but don't
      know where to add them.

      K-12 Anthropology

      * K-12 General <http://anthroed.wikispaces.com/K-12+General> (use
      this page if you have contributions that are not specific to one age
      range, subject, or student population)
      * K-12 Grade Ranges
      <http://anthroed.wikispaces.com/K-12+Grade+Ranges> (K-3, 4-6, 7-9,
      * K-12 Traditional Subjects
      <http://anthroed.wikispaces.com/K-12+Traditional+Subjects> (Geography,
      World History, Language Arts, American History, Life/Biological
      * K-12 Special Populations
      <http://anthroed.wikispaces.com/K-12+Special+Populations> (Tribal,
      Hispanic, Rural, etc)

      Community College Anthropology

      * Introduction to General Anthropology: Four Field Approach

      * Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
      * Introduction to Biological/Physical Anthropology
      * Introduction to Archaeology

      Getting Started on This Wiki:

      Register for Membership

      1. First, you'll need to join Wikispaces, by clicking on the "Join"
      link in the upper right of this page.
      2. Once you have your username and password, return to
      anthroed.wikispaces.com (or search "anthroed" in the Wikispaces search
      3. On the AnthroEd homepage, select "Join this Space" from the
      upper left corner.
      4. Click on "Request Membership."
      5. We will turn around your request within 24 hours, likely much

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