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2009 SACC annual meeting registration form

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  • Melvin Johnson
    Below you will notice that I have included the registration form for our annual meeting in Tucson, Arizona in April, 2009. Please feel free to complete the
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      Below you will notice that I have included the registration form for our annual
      meeting in Tucson, Arizona in April, 2009. Please feel free to complete the form, and
      send it to me at the address at the end of the form. We will be putting this up on
      the SACC web site shortly, but this will give you a chance to get things started for
      funding, savings, etc. We hope many of you will be able to attend. Maren and Mary
      Kay have done a fantastic job of organizing things. Be sure to check the pre-meeting
      workshops at the end of the registration. These are free and are available on a first
      come first serve basis, so register early.

      The registration form also gives you a link to the Marriott Hotel where we have
      negotiated a conference rate for Wednesday through Sunday for the rooms. If you are
      planning on attending the workshops, please be aware that you may not be able to get
      the conference rate for that one night.

      One other requirement--please fill out one form per participant.

      See you in Tucson, Mel Johnson, SACC Treasurer

      Society for Anthropology in Community Colleges (SACC) Annual Meeting
      Tucson, AZ., April 8 - 12, 2009
      (One registration form per person)
      Note the pre-meeting workshops for early registrations.

      The 2009 SACC Annual Meeting will be held April 8 (Wednesday) to April 12 (Sunday),
      2008 at the Tucson Marriott University Park (880 E. Second Street;
      http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/TUSUP) in Tucson, AZ. The theme of the meeting
      is “Borders and Boundaries.” [Reminder: Hotel reservations to be made directly to
      the Tucson Marriot University Park by COB March 9, 2009, to receive conference
      discount. Please NOTE: The conference discount may not apply to reservations for
      Tuesday, April 7th.]


      Name: _________________________________________________________

      Affiliation: _____________________________________________________

      Address: _______________________________________________________

      City: __________________________ State/Province: _________ Zip: ___________

      *E-mail: _____________________________ Phone: _______________________
      [Please be sure to include your email address to receive up-to-date meeting

      AAA Members/current SACC Notes Subscriber:
       Full Conference Registration Fee by 3/1/09 $275.00 _____
       Full Conference Registration Fee after 3/1/09 $300.00 _____

      Non-AAA Members (includes a one year subscription to SACC Notes):
       Full Conference Registration Fee by 3/1/08 $300.00 _____
       Full Conference Registration Fee after 3/1/08 $325.00 _____

      Companion/dependent $250.00 _____
      (Must accompany a registered participant. Includes program, meals, and tours Thursday
      through Saturday)

      Name of person accompanying _________________________________________________________

      Student (prior to 3/12/08) $175.00 _____
      Student (after 3/1/08) $200.00 _____

      Daily Registration fees (does not include Wednesday reception or SACC Notes
      Thursday Friday Saturday
      Member/Subscriber $125 $100 $125 _______

      Non-member/non-subscriber $150 $125 $150 _______

      Companion/Dependent $125 $100 $125 _______

      Student $75 $50 $75 _______

      Total Enclosed

      Please Note: Refund policy of SACC—Full refund if cancellation received by 3-1-09.
      Refund is 50% if cancellation received after 3/1/09 but prior to 4/8/09. No refunds
      after 4/8/09. Please send no checks for pre-registration after 3-1/09.

      PAYMENT INFORMATION:  Check or money order (US$ only) payable to American

      Anthropological Association

      Credit card (Only Visa or MasterCard Accepted) (Check type): 
      VISA 

      Name of Cardholder: _____________________________________________________

      Card number: __________________________________________ Exp. date: _______

      Zip code for billing address: ___________________________________

      Signature: _________________________________________________

      Pre-meeting Workshops:

      Workshops on Wednesday, April 8, start at 8:30 and end at 12:00. Please check beside
      a workshop if you want to participate; you may sign up for both workshops. Workshop
      registrations are limited to 30 for the zooarchaeology lab workshop at the Arizona
      State Museum and to 50 at the University of Arizona Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research.

      Zooarchaeology lab workshop: _________

      Tree-Ring Research Lab presentation/tour: _________

      Mail Meeting Registration Form to:

      Melvin and Leatha Johnson
      P.O. Box 194
      Crete, Nebraska 68333

      Or email the form with your credit card information to:

      Reminder: one form per individual attending the conference!!!!
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