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Fwd: September Anthropology News Online

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  • Lloyd Miller
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    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2008
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      > From: Dinah Winnick <dwinnick@...>
      > Date: September 2, 2008 12:48:21 PM CDT
      > To: Dinah Winnick <dwinnick@...>
      > Cc: Amy Goldenberg <agoldenberg@...>
      > Subject: September Anthropology News Online
      > Dear AN Contributors and Contributing Editors,
      > The September issue of Anthropology News has been printed and
      > should be arriving in AAA members� mailboxes any day now, if it
      > hasn�t arrived already. We would like to announce that In Focus
      > commentaries are now available online at www.aaanet.org/
      > publications/articles.cfm. Complete September content will be
      > available online soon through AnthroSource. I encourage you to
      > forward the above link to all colleagues who might find it of
      > interest. We also welcome comments regarding the issue on the AN
      > blog at http://anthropologynews.blogspot.com/.
      > Thanks for your great contributions to Anthropology News!
      > Best regards,
      > Dinah Winnick
      > Dinah Winnick
      > Associate Managing Editor, Anthropology News
      > American Anthropological Association
      > 2200 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 600
      > Arlington, VA 22201
      > 703.528.1902 ext. 3005
      > dwinnick@...

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