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FW: [aaaSectionPresidents] From Dan Segal, Secretary (as Chair of the AAA Nominations Committee)

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  • Kaupp, Ann
    Please consider running for an AAA position. Read Secretary Dan Segal s email below. ________________________________From:
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 21, 2008
      Please consider running for an AAA position. Read Secretary Dan Segal's
      email below.


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      Subject: [aaaSectionPresidents] From Dan Segal, Secretary (as Chair of
      the AAA Nominations Committee)

      TO: Section Assembly Reps

      FROM: Dan Segal, Secretary (as Chair of the AAA Nominations Commitee)

      I write to encourage all Sections to participate in the AAA nominations
      process. Participation in the nominations process is a powerful way for
      Sections to have input in the governance of the Association.

      For your Section to suggest or support a potential candidate, go to
      http://www.aaanet.org/customcf/nominations/forms/spt_form.cfm . Each
      candidate, please note, must also use the website to confirm their
      willingness to be on the slate and to serve, if elected.

      This year there will be elections for President-Elect, Secretary and
      four positions on the Executive Board and two on the Nominations
      Committee, as well as for twelve other positions on AAA committees.
      Please note that the newly established permanent Commitee on Labor
      Relations, which will take up the work of the Labor Relations
      Commission, is among the Committees with vacant positions. (For a
      complete list of the open positions,
      http://www.aaanet.org/about/Elections/nom_positions2009.cfm ; for a
      description of AAA leadership positions,

      All materials for possible candidates must be completed by October 1,

      Among scientific and scholarly associations, the AAA is unusual in
      having such an extensive system of elected committees and offices. For
      this degree of participatory self-governance to work well requires that
      AAA members be willing to stand as candidates and give generously of
      their time and energies, if elected. As Chair of the Nominations
      Committee, I thank you for your participation in this democratic

      If you have questions or need assistance with the nominations process,
      you can contact either me dsegal@... or Kim Baker
      kbaker@..., who is the AAA staff professional who supports the
      Nominations Committee.


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