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RE: [SACC-L] FW: [aaaSectionPresidents] Query re AAA 2010

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  • Lynch, Brian M
    . There seems to be a
    Message 1 of 7 , Jul 30, 2008
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      <http://geo.yahoo.com/serv?s=97359714/grpId=126016/grpspId=1705079605/msgId=4563/stime=1217383866/nc1=3848583/nc2=5349282/nc3=4763761> There seems to be a certain degree to which the power of a union to protect and fight for the rights of workers as a whole relies on individuals looking past their individual or sub-group interests in order that those with the larger power over them (management) do not simply divide and conquer. At the same time, unions can stretch this expectation quite far, where the very individuals they are meant to protect become collateral damage of sorts, for the good of the larger order. In all of this, principled advocacy for justice and fairness takes second or third place to political strategy and the bottom line.

      I recenlty saw a glaring example of this, where a person who worked for years for a trade union, as a non-union office worker in support of the union's functions, was treated to the same management tactics (put on part time so that health benefits and other related concerns would no longer be in consideration). All for the good of the bottom line-- no sense of operating out of the very 'justice' principles that supposedly fuel the very idea of unions. Management of the union operated, well, as management rather than as principled advocates of justice.

      The AAA handled the SF/Atlanta situation in a lousy way-- and I registered my opinion about this when it happened. "Justice" was talked about, largely to rationalize a final decision, but this was no march to the frontlines for solidarity. I think that this current situation is another example, where people are being led by confusion and conflicting assumptions; AAA 'constituents' (i.e. members) are treated to another round of somewhat paternalistic, confused 'management' of our affairs. And certainly we are not being asked in any substantive way to weigh in on serious, collaborative considerations of justice.


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