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FW: Research Awards for Graduate Students in Archaeology (fwd)

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      Subject: Research Awards for Graduate Students in Archaeology (fwd)

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      Subject: Research Awards for Graduate Students in Archaeology

      Research Awards for Graduate Students in Archaeology
      Laboratory for Archaeological Chemistry
      University of Wisconsin-Madison

      The Laboratory for Archaeological Chemistry at the University of
      Wisconsin-Madison is initiating an annual program of research award grants
      to graduate students in archaeology programs around the world. The lab staff
      strongly believes that major discoveries in archaeology in future years will
      come from laboratory investigations. In that light, the training of graduate
      students in analytical methods and their application is essential. This
      award is intended to further those goals. The awards are offered to support
      and encourage the application of chemical analyses in solving archaeological
      The Laboratory for Archaeological Chemistry has been involved in the study
      of questions of archaeological interest for many years. The primary focus of
      research in the laboratory is on the characterization of prehistoric bone,
      soils, and pottery. A variety of other materials including stone, dyes,
      organic residues, metals and glass are also investigated in the laboratory.
      Instrumentation in the lab includes a (1) Inductively Coupled Plasma �
      Atomic Emission Spectrometer for the rapid elemental characterization of a
      variety of materials with a resolution in parts per million, and (2)
      Finnigan Element Inductively Coupled Plasma High-Resolution Mass
      Spectrometer for isotopic and elemental characterization of many materials,
      often at the parts per billion level. This instrument incorporates laser
      ablation as a sample introduction technique appropriate for many solids and
      for small or fragile samples. In addition the lab has access to a variety of
      other instrumentation and equipment on campus that is often used in our
      Application: Applications for the award should contain (1) a three-page
      letter from the applicant containing the specifics of the research and the
      analyses involved, (2) a curriculum vitae of the applicant,(3) a tentative
      table of contents for the dissertation, and (4) a letter of recommendation
      from the major advisor. The letter of application should contain detailed
      information on the research project, the kinds of analyses involved, the
      number of samples and analyses required, availability of samples with
      letter(s) of permission if appropriate, and a discussion of the importance
      of the analysis to the proposed research. This letter should also provide a
      timetable for research and completion of project. Discussions with the lab
      staff are recommended prior to application to ensure that the project meets
      award criteria and employs services available in the Laboratory for
      Archaeological Chemistry. There is no form for applications.
      Criteria for Award: The award will be made by the staff of the Laboratory
      for Archaeological Chemistry and major criteria for selection will be the
      significance of the research question, feasibility of the project, and
      impact on the student and the field.
      Deadline: 1 January for awards beginning in 1 September of the same year.
      Award: One award will be made each year consisting of analytical services
      involving elemental or isotopic measurements available with Laboratory for
      Archaeological Chemistry instrumentation. The lab encourages students to
      participate in analyses, where possible, in order to learn and understand
      the methods employed.
      Announcement: The award will be announced on 15 March each year. Awards
      should be appropriately acknowledged in any dissemination of results of the
      analyses and copies of resulting publications should be provided to the
      Laboratory for our files
      Contact: Questions and Applications should be addressed to T. Douglas Price
      or James H. Burton, Laboratory for Archaeological Chemistry, University of
      Wisconsin-Madison, 1180 Observatory Drive, Madison WI 53706 USA. Phone:
      608-262-2575 (tdp), 608-262-0367 (jhb), 608-265-4216 (fax). Email:
      tdprice@... <mailto:tdprice@...> or
      jhburton@... <mailto:jhburton@...> . For further
      information on the Laboratory for Archaeological Chemistry, please see our
      web site at www.wisc.edu/larch/aclab/larch.htm
      <http://www.wisc.edu/larch/aclab/larch.htm> .
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