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AAA meeting in New Orleans

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  • Kaupp, Ann
    The AAA has scheduled New Orleans for its 2010 meeting. Again the union issue has arisen.If you would like to express your opinion on the AAA s decision
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      The AAA has scheduled New Orleans for its 2010 meeting. Again the union
      issue has arisen.

      If you would like to express your opinion on the AAA's decision (read
      the attachment) I will relay it to the SA convenor. I believe the AAA
      wanted to do their part in a substantive way to support this city, which
      we keep getting reminders of from the recent flooding in the Midwest.

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      Dear SA members:

      As you may recall, on June 2 the AAA membership received an email letter

      from Setha Low, Alan Goodman, and Dan Segal explaining the decision
      taken a year ago by the EB to hold the AAA 2010 meeting in New Orleans.
      I won't repeat the content here, but will attach a copy of the letter
      they sent.

      The letter was motivated by some AAA members who approached Setha and
      others on the EB about why the AAA would be meeting in a location
      lacking unionized facilities. Their letter pointed out that the AAA
      membership in 2005 voted that they "strongly preferred" (but did not
      insist on) meeting in unionized facilities. This position was endorsed
      by the Section Assembly. Therefore, the decision to meet in New Orleans
      was taken in compliance with AAA policy guidelines. The letter goes on
      to discuss the complex rationale for choosing New Orleans as a venue
      taking into account labor and other issues, notably the desire to
      support the city and its residents following Katrina.

      Nonetheless, there are some AAA members who are dissatisfied with the
      decision and so I felt, in consultation with the SA Working Group, that
      it would be worth raising the matter on the SA listserv. I will share
      briefly with you the gist of some of the SAWG's productive thinking,
      with an invitation to you to consult with your section membership and
      get back to the SA with any ideas you would like to share. We hope that

      this will lead in some positive directions well in advance of the 2010
      meetings, avoiding last-minute debates over the decision taken.

      In general, the SA Working Group is inclined to think that the best
      approach may be to use the meeting venue in New Orleans to address
      issues relating to labor, gay rights, and post-Katrina racial
      justice--and to invite local activists and community members to
      participate. This is a strategy supported by members of EB as well.
      There may be others who will say that an alternative should have been
      found to meeting in in a venue lacking in union facilities, though we
      are aware of the many difficult factors in choosing meeting venues for
      an organize the size of AAA. We have heard that at least a couple of
      sections are now planning to hold their events in New Orleans at venues
      away from the non-union conference hotel. That is certainly one viable
      strategy to handle what one member of the SAWG aptly called a "thorny
      convergence of historical and contextual factors."

      Other sections are creatively discussing plans to organize panels at the

      2010 meeting on the convergence and divergence of different social
      justice movements (relevant to New Orleans as conference site). Some of

      us would advocate for the AAA conference that year to have an overall
      theme that would address all these concerns.

      As SA begins to play a more significant role in governance, members are
      encouraged to use this listserv as a space for constructive discussion.
      With that in mind, we invite you to share any thoughts you and your
      sections may have, particularly those that go "outside the box" to
      generate ideas that we may be put into practice.

      Please consider the conversation open and let us hear from you.
      All best wishes,

      Florence Babb
      SA Convenor


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