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FW: Anthropology News Photo Contest

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  • Popplestone, Ann
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      Ann Popplestone
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      Subject: Anthropology News Photo Contest

      Attention AAA members:
      In case you haven't noticed, Anthropology News has begun running a photo
      contest, where we feature our favorite pictures from *your* fieldwork. The
      response has been very good for past months, but we're very low on entries
      for the April contest, with the theme of "Mystery Artifacts."
      So, I'm begging for pictures. Really, I'm down on my knees and pleading for
      your participation :-) We're looking for pictures of objects large and small
      that baffled you, or might baffle your colleagues on first glance. (Please
      include an explanation!)
      If you want to participate, please send your pictures as prints or as
      digital images (300-600 dpi) along with a caption to Susan Skomal, AAA, 4350
      N Fairfax Dr, Suite 640, Arlington, VA 22203 or sskomal@...
      <mailto:sskomal@...> . Photos will be returned.
      The deadline for photos for the April contest is February 14. Get your
      photos published!
      (FYI: the May theme is "Anthropologists in Situ" and September is "Medical
      Mara Greengrass <mgreengrass@... <mailto:mgreengrass@...> >
      American Anthropological Association
      4350 N Fairfax Dr, Ste 640, Arlington, VA 22203
      703-528-1902 x3029; fax 703-528-3546

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