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  • Kaupp, Ann
    In my last email I wrote that Dennis (Kellogg) was to be president-elect for 2010. I should have said president in 2010 and president-elect for 2009. As many
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      In my last email I wrote that Dennis (Kellogg) was to be president-elect
      for 2010. I should have said president in 2010 and president-elect for

      As many of you already know, Dennis Kellogg regretfully will be unable
      to take on the position as president-elect next year since he is being
      given significant additional responsibilities at his college, including
      teaching two new anthropology classes and developing anthropology WEB
      courses. While we are very disappointed, Dennis has been given the
      opportunity to make a considerable contribution in promoting the field
      of anthropology at Des Moines Area Community College. Our best wishes to
      you Dennis, and we do expect to continue enjoying your company at future

      In addition to needing a new president-elect, we are also in dire need
      of a treasurer-elect, as Mel will finish his term as treasurer at the
      end of 2009. Mel will tutor the volunteer for this position for the next
      year and a half, and act as a consultant for the new treasurer. If you
      have any questions about this position, please email Mel at

      Let me share with you what are the general responsibilities of the
      president-elect and president.

      The president-elect begins organizes the meeting for the following year,
      in this case for 2010. Mary Kay and Maren are now seeking a hotel and
      doing other planning for their meeting in spring 2009. I as president
      received valuable assistance of the treasurer (Mel) and program chair
      (Becky). The program chair puts out the call for papers, receives the
      paper abstracts and makes up the schedule for the SACC annual meeting
      program (in consultation with the president). Lloyd, our editor, Deborah
      Shepherd, our webmaster, and Laura Gonzalez, VP for membership and
      development, helped get the word out about the SACC annual meeting. And
      past officers were very willing to offer advice. In addition, the AAA
      offers various services regarding the SACC annual meeting from which you
      can chose. We are charged a minimal fee by the hour.

      The SACC president also sends in a position ballot to the AAA so that
      SACC members have an opportunity to vote on their future officers. At
      the AAA meeting in San Francisco I will step down as president at the
      end of the business meeting and become past-president in which I will be
      in charge of organizing the Five Fields Update for the AAA annual
      meeting in 2009.

      SACC is a very special organization whose members express appreciation,
      enjoyment, and respect for one another at its annual meetings and
      through various venues of communication. Members teach at two and four
      year colleges and are employed full- and part-time. Many SACC members
      are the only anthropologist or social scientist teaching at their
      school. SACC offers an opportunity to reach out to colleagues across the
      country and Canada to share ideas and experiences. For a relatively
      small section of the AAA, SACC offers several venues of communication
      for its members: the SACC annual meeting, Teaching Anthropology: SACC
      Notes, meetings at the AAA annual meeting, a listserve, website, and now
      a blog. To maintain this impressive level of activity and interest in
      the organization, we need members to step up as volunteers to serve this
      unique organization.

      Please consider taking on one of these positions. Organizing the annual
      meeting was a very rewarding and learning experience. I felt as if I
      were hosting a get-together for friends. Ann

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