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FW: new books for review

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  • Popplestone, Ann
    Ann Popplestone CCC TLC 216-987-3584 ... From: Michael D. Glascock [SMTP:glascockm@MISSOURI.EDU] Sent: Monday, January
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2000
      Ann Popplestone
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      From: Michael D. Glascock [SMTP:glascockm@...]
      Sent: Monday, January 31, 2000 4:03 PM
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      Subject: new books for review

      To SAS members, ANTHRO-L and interested others:
      Please read all of this message and do not use REPLY!!

      3 new book(s) are available for review and I am looking for
      persons interested in writing reviews for a future issue of the
      SAS Bulletin. The book title(s) are:


      Beyond the Bloom: Bloom Refining and Iron Artifact Production
      in the Roman World (1998).
      by David Sim
      BAR-S725, 155 pages, (ISBN 0-86054-901-1, price=29 pounds).

      Methodology of Geophysical Research in Archaeology (1999).
      by Vladimir Hasek
      BAR-S769, 127 pages, (ISBN 0-86054-981-X, price=20 pounds).

      The Urban Economy During the Early Dominate: Pottery evidence
      from the Palatine Hill (1999).
      by J. Theodore Pena
      BAR-S784, 231 pages, (ISBN 0-84171-044-0, price=34 pounds).


      Interested reviewers should briefly describe their qualifications
      and reasons for wanting to write a review. Reviewers are REQUIRED
      to complete reviews within three months after receipt of the book.
      If you cannot fulfill this commitment, please do not offer to review.
      Reviewers can be of any nationality, but the review must be written
      in English. Membership in the Society for Archaeological Sciences
      (SAS) is desirable but not a requirement; however, please let me
      know if you are a SAS member. If you are interested, please contact:

      Mike Glascock (Book Review editor for SAS Bulletin)

      at my e-mail address: glascockm@...

      Reviewers will be selected from among the most interesting offers
      received by email within three working days after this posting.

      Dr. Michael D. Glascock
      Research Reactor Center
      University of Missouri
      Columbia, MO 65211

      Phone: 573-882-5270
      FAX No: 573-882-6360

      e-mail: glascockm@... <mailto:glascockm@...>
      homepage: < http://www.missouri.edu/~murrwww/archlab.htm
      <http://www.missouri.edu/~murrwww/archlab.htm> >
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