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FW: New Resource: Indigenous Toponymy

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  • Ann Popplestone
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      Subject: New Resource: Indigenous Toponymy

      Luistxo Fernandez wrote:
      > ----------------------------Original
      > ------------------
      > This is to introduce GeoNative, a website devoted to toponymy.
      > Several Mesoamerican languages are featured, and we would like to
      > add placenames from others, as well.
      > GeoNative focuses on languages and place names from little nations,
      > native cultures and minority languages, which almost never appear
      > in the maps. Geography ignores us. Our site GeoNative
      > <http://www.geocities.com/Athens/9479> provides listings of
      > placenames for several native and minority languages.
      > For instance, see our list of Mesoamerican languages here:
      > http://www.geocities.com/Athens/9479/na.html
      > In GeoNative, placenames are listed with the form they get in maps,
      > and then the native form. In the case of Mesoamerican languages,
      > we provide Spanish forms given by colonizers (although many times
      > they were based on Nahuatl forms, which in turn usually were not
      > truky "native").
      > For instance, some names in Oluta-Mixe, also called Oluta-Popoluca,
      > a Mixe-Zoquean language of Veracruz...
      > * Spanish * Oluta-Mixe
      > Coatzacoalcos Niiwa'tznaax
      > Jyltipan Pu'mayjejmyf > Jesys Carranza Luchijem
      > Minatitlyn Kaanajem
      > ...
      > The lists are not as much about etymologies or old names, but about
      > how present-day indigenous communities call their places. It is
      > more about indigenous rights and language rights than about history,
      > but well, maybe some at Aztlan will find this kind of information
      > productive...
      > Comments will be welcomed and corresponded. Specially, we would
      > thank information about languages that we have not listed yet.
      > Please be clement in your judgement: take in mind that ours is a
      > totally amateur work, not an academic or professional resource
      > Thanks in advance
      > Luistxo Fernandez
      > PD. A last note: GeoNative is totally bilingual (English and Basque).

      John Pastore
      Cancun, Mx

      Venture-Out El Mayab
      Travel Adivisories for El Mayab

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