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Call for Papers - Anthropology and its Educational Foundations

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    Hello, I am organizing a session for the American Anthropological Association s 2008 annual meeting, and I am hoping to attract participants from a variety of
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      I am organizing a session for the American Anthropological Association's
      2008 annual meeting, and I am hoping to attract participants from a variety
      of sections for it. If SAyou think this session (abstract included below)
      might be of interest to the members of your section, please forward it on to
      them. Thank you. I appreciate the help.

      Matt Carlson


      The following call for papers is for a session at the 2008 American
      Anthropological Association's annual meeting. It is being organized through
      the Council on Anthropology & Education; however, anthropologists outside of
      the CAE are especially encouraged to participate. Please contact Matt
      Carlson (carl1207@...) for more information.

      The discipline of anthropology is built on educational foundations. As
      anthropologists, we learn about people through our research, we study the
      work of our colleagues, we educate others through our writing and through
      our teaching, and we figure out how to do it all successfully. The variety
      of forms education can take in our work reveals how anthropology┬╣s
      relationship to education extends beyond the training of new anthropologists
      and the study of schools to include cultural processes that are fundamental
      to a wider range of anthropological concerns.

      With encouragement from a conference theme that promotes collaboration,
      anthropologists from all subfields are invited to help rethink what
      education means to anthropology by reflecting on the role played by
      teaching, learning, and education in their own work. Papers might consider
      how educational processes play out in classrooms, during fieldwork, with
      relationship to publication, or in other areas of experience common to
      anthropologists. Also encouraged are papers that bring new insight to
      phenomena such as socialization, cultural transmission, or other processes
      of culture.

      In its broadest conception, education might suggest new ways of engaging
      with the public as well as new ways of approaching research and
      understanding human social activity. It is hoped that this session will
      create a collaborative space in which anthropologists from across the
      subfields can think about the relationship education has to their work while
      also imagining future directions for anthropological research on education.

      Please send paper abstracts to Matt Carlson (carl1207@...) by March

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