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FW: Call For Papers: FOOD & FOODWAYS (fwd)

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      Subject: Call For Papers: FOOD & FOODWAYS (fwd)

      Contact information is below. Hugh



      Coordinating Editor
      Steven L. Kaplan
      Cornell University

      By reflecting on the role food plays historically and culturally, this
      unique journal explores the powerful but often subtle ways in which food has
      shaped and continues to shape our lives socially, economically, politically,
      mentally, and morally. Food is as much a social as a biological matter. Food
      & Foodways stresses the social aspects of food without losing sight of its
      biological nature.
      Because food is a pervasive social phenomenon, it cannot be approached by
      any one discipline. The founding editors and advisors of Food & Foodways are
      anthropologists, sociologists, psychologists, ethnobotanists, economists,
      historians, nutritionists and literary critics. The journal publishes
      original articles in these and other areas, especially those that are
      provocative and problematic in nature, opening windows on sister disciplines
      and engaging dialog, debate, and exchange.

      Send All Manuscript and Inquiries To:
      Maurice Aymard
      Maison des Sciences de l'Homme
      54 Boulevard Raspail
      75006 Paris, France
      Email: aymard@... <mailto:aymard@...>

      Or for more information, e-mail Associate Editor
      Severine Gojard at gojard@... <mailto:gojard@...> or Lisa
      Turner at lst3@... <mailto:lst3@...>
      Articles should, if possible, be submitted in English, though exceptionally
      the Editor will accept papers in other languages for translation. Authors
      are asked to submit three copies of their articles to facilitate and speed
      the process of obtaining readers' reports. Authors will be informed at the
      earliest possible date of our readers' decisions.
      Submission of an article will be taken to imply that it has never been
      published previously in any form and has not simultaneously been offered to
      any other publication. To see the entire Notes For Contributors, visit
      <http://www.gbhap-us.com/journals/325/325-nfc.htm> .


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