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      Subject: Call For Papers: MEDICAL ANTHROPOLOGY (FWD)

      Contact information is below. Hugh



      New Editor-in-Chief
      Stacy Leigh Pigg
      Simon Fraser University

      Medical Anthropology publishes papers that explore the relationships among
      health, disease, illness, treatment and human social life. Emphasis is
      placed on the cross-cultural similarities and differences in the way people
      cope with health problems. The journal welcomes papers based on empirical
      research as well as those which deal with significant methodological and/or
      theoretical issues. Papers are published from all areas of medical
      anthropology as it is broadly defined. The primary goal of the journal is to
      bring to our readership papers which have a strong biocultural focus and
      which deal with important issues encompassing all aspects of the discipline.
      The journal publishes papers on a wide range of topics, including studies
      with a critical perspective; epidemiological and paleo-epidemiological
      studies; ethnomedical studies; studies evaluating the impact of
      modernization on indigenous medical systems; studies of sexual reproductive
      behavior; studies of ethnopharmacology and of substance use and abuse;
      studies of nutrition, growth and development; and studies of health care
      providers, services, and policy.
      Medical Anthropology provides important biocultural and cross-cultural
      perspectives on health, disease, illness, and treatment for nurses,
      physicians, and biological and social scientists and other professionals in
      health-related fields, as well as for anthropologists.
      Send All Manuscript and Inquiries To:
      Department of Sociology and Anthropology
      Simon Fraser University
      8888 University Dr.
      Burnaby, BC V5A 1S6
      E-mail: pigg@... <mailto:pigg@...>
      To see the journal's Notes For Contributors, visit
      <http://www.gbhap-us.com/journals/202/202-nfc.htm> .


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