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      Subject: Call for Papers: VISUAL ANTHROPOLOGY (FWD)

      Contact information is below. Hugh



      Paul Hockings

      Visual Anthropology seeks to publish articles, comments, discussions, film
      and book reviews which contribute to the following areas of scholarly
      endeavor: the study, use, and production of anthropological and ethnographic
      films, videos, and photographs for research and teaching; the analysis of
      visual symbolic forms from a cultural-historical framework; the study of
      human behavior through visual means; visual theories, technologies, and
      methodologies for recording and analyzing behavior and the relationships
      among different modes of communication; the analysis of the structuring of
      reality as evidenced by visual productions and artifacts; the cross-cultural
      study of art and artifacts from a social, cultural, historical and aesthetic
      point of view; the relationship of cultural and visual perception; the study
      of the forms of social organization surrounding the planning, production and
      use of visual symbolic forms; the support of urgent ethnographic filming;
      the use of media in cultural feedback; and to encourage the development of
      Third World ethnographic media productions.
      Papers should be submitted to:
      Department of Anthropology-027
      University of Illinois
      1007 W. Harrison St.
      Chicago, IL 60607-7139 USA

      Articles should be approximately 25 pages in length and must include a
      100-word abstract and a three-sentence biography of the author(s). Comments,
      reports, and discussions should not exceed 15 pages and do not require an
      abstract or author biography. Film and book reviews are normally 500 to
      1,000 words in length.
      Manuscripts must be typed double-spaced (including abstract, quotations,
      notes, and references cited) one side only with at least one-inch margins on
      8.5 x 11-inch paper. For more information, see the journal's Notes For
      Contributors web page at http://www.gbhap-us.com/journals/712/712-nfc.htm
      <http://www.gbhap-us.com/journals/712/712-nfc.htm> , or for other questions,
      e-mail Paul Hockings at ooty@... <mailto:ooty@...> .
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