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FW: archaeological fieldwork opportunity in Greece (fwd)

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      Subject: archaeological fieldwork opportunity in Greece (fwd)

      Contact information below. Cheers, Hugh.
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      Subject: fieldwork opportunity 2000

      The Ohio State University, Wichita State University, and Florida State
      University are pleased to announce the second field season of the Eastern
      Korinthia Archaeological Survey, under the direction of Professors Timothy
      E. Gregory, Frederick P. Hemans, and Daniel J. Pullen. This
      multi-disciplinary archaeological and environmental survey explores an area
      of some 200 sq. km. in the eastern half of the Korinthia in Greece. The
      project has been approved by the American School of Classical Studies at
      Athens, and expects to carry out the 2000 field season from June 18 to
      August 5, 2000.
      The Eastern Korinthia Archaeological Survey draws on a variety of sources of
      information, including surface survey, in order to elucidate human history
      in this important region from prehistory to the present. Geomorphological
      fieldwork provides the basic underlying framework of the project, and this
      research continues alongside the survey. Archaeological fieldwork is
      planned for three years, from 1999 to 2001, with study seasons to follow.
      The project will focus on the broad question of how the eastern Korinthia
      has interacted, over time, with the city of Korinth and the broader
      Mediterranean world. The results of this research will have wide
      repercussions for understanding long-term historical change, as well as the
      relationship between human activity and the physical landscape. The project
      also has an important public component, as it seeks to involve the
      inhabitants of the study area, and the broader public in general, in an
      ongoing dialogue about our research questions.
      The project is now seeking participants in the following categories: Team
      Leaders, Field Walkers, Artifact Processing Team Members, and Geomorphology
      Interns. Participants are expected to be present for the whole of the field
      season (see Web site for precise dates).
      Further information may be found at
      <http://eleftheria.stcloudstate.edu/eks/2000season.htm> . Applications are
      to be submitted online at that address.
      Thomas F. Tartaron
      Department of Materials Science and Engineering
      c/o Center for Archaeological Materials
      Room 8-138
      Massachusetts Institute of Technology
      Cambridge, MA 02139
      Phone: (617) 253-4099
      Fax: (617) 253-8090
      E-mail: tartaron@... <mailto:tartaron@...>

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