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  • rob edwards
    As the attachments did not travel with the message, I will try to add the minutes directly to the message. *Minutes from SACC Executive Board Meeting Asilomar,
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 21, 2007
      As the attachments did not travel with the message, I will try to add
      the minutes directly to the message.

      *Minutes from SACC Executive Board Meeting Asilomar, 3-4-7*

      1) Financials- stable- increased fund balance by $760.00
      Revenues less than expected $ 4,366.00
      Expenses for annual meet 2006, SACC notes and fall 2006 AAA
      meeting were all lower than expected. In sum- rather than a $ 4,366. 00
      deficit- we have a small surplus.
      2) SACC notes- $600.00 in Teaching Anthropology subscriptions
      Print expenses $ 968.70 (almost $1,500.00 lower than budget).
      Digital expenses $1,283.00 ($ 37.00 higher than budget).
      Total revenues $2,251.00 (including a transfer from General
      Balance $1,283.00.
      3) Membership- 2006 began with 206 regular members-6 dropped-ending
      membership total of 198, Student membership rose by 1 to 48. Associate
      members remained at 3 and sustaining membership increased by 1. SCACC
      notes increased by 17- mostly from Annual Meeting Reg.
      4) 2008 Budget-anyone who wants to have something included, let me know.
      LOGO DEVELOPMENT Rob reported for Diane Chicester.
      (Everyone at the San Jose meeting answered that someone else was going
      to do so). $500.00 is still available to use as a reward or prize for a
      good Logo.
      1) Clean Logo for use on shirt, mugs, etc.
      2) Do not use indigenous property
      3) Emphasis on teaching
      Mark will explore working with a local artist. Rob will also contact
      local designerand Ernie Huber volunteered to send Rob a possible logo.*

      1) Five Fields Professors are working with Ellensburg.
      2) Mark Lewine doing a poster session on Teaching in C.C. -- including
      issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

      . Rebecca's house was burned in a recent grass fire and papers were lost
      from the San Jose Meeting. Rebecca and Bob Muckle hoped to work on this
      at this meeting.

      *Next Annual SACC Meetings
      2008-- WASHINGTON, D.C. - Ann Kaupp has contracted with Holiday Inn
      (15th and Rhode Island) for a below going rate of $ 169.00 plus 14.5%
      tax= $193.00 nightly room rate. The dates for which they can get this
      rate is March 14/ (Friday) to March 18/ (Tuesday). Therefore, Friday
      Board meeting will be in the afternoon, Saturday and Sunday will be
      paper presentations and Monday will be the day to tour Smithsonian
      National History Museum and Museum of American Indian. Monday evening
      will be the Dinner and Reception.
      2009 GEORGE RODGERS Iceland is out. Southwest and SF Bay area being
      2010 DENNIS KELLOGG -- Mid west probably SAINT LOUIS/CAHOKIA visit planned?
      2011 OPEN anyone interested or know of anyone?
      New England has been suggested, Rhode Island?, Conn.? Pequot Museum?)*

      */_MEMBERSHIP: _/ It is dangerously low and has fallen from 326 in fall
      of 2004 to 235 in spring of 2007. The list of lapsed membership is over
      500. It would be interesting to see how AAA membership has done during
      this time. Lloyd has sent notes to some and it is hard to know how
      successful this has been. _There insued a lengthy and creative discussion_.
      AAA support services have been a real problem: billing, timing and
      frequency. From the _long discussion_ following, these were some of the
      more likely actions:
      1) Regional Vice Presidents were _urged to be more
      aggressive_- Rob was to see that current members lists and
      "lapsed" lists are sent out. (/Did that 4-15-07)/
      2) Maybe we should reorganize areas and people
      responsibility. (Paul Olsen-[outside Chicago] is
      interested). Mark Lewine is still over all VP as Bob
      Muckled out of it.
      3) See blank membership forms in program- E**veryone** *[but
      particularly Regional V.Ps] should contact
      faculty about new AAA rates. Don't try for general
      solutions. Each one contact just two people and ask them
      to contact some one. **

      * 4) Develop a poster to put up in the AAA kiosk at the AAA
      Annual Meeting. I don't remember who was to take responsibility for
      this, Mark??.
      5) Explore with AAA a free trial membership in SACC. Mark was use ½ of
      his budget [$250.] to fund 10 such trials [It is hoped that not only
      will this increase numbers immediately but may have some ongoing renewals.
      6) Bob Muckle was to do a similar offer to junior faculty nominated by
      current members who join AAA under the new rates. Bob, can you give us
      more detail on this?
      7) Rob is going to use his Presidential Award budget [$500] to create
      two $250 awards to attend the SACC-FEST in Washington DC to be given to
      new or junior faculty who are recommended and mentored by current SACC
      8) Get AAA provided list of current and lapsed lists out to Regional VP
      s. The benefits that would accrue are: a] VP's. would know who were
      colleagues to contact and set up local groups, in other words, break
      through the isolation so common at CCs. b] have assistance in contacted
      both lapsed and new members, c] the idea is not to go large scale but
      work with one or two at a time and get others to help. * Rob has sent
      out such lists to those whose e-mails were in Fall SACC Notes. Problems;
      some had no emails and three emails kicked back as inaccurate. Dennis
      Kellogg noted his name was not on either list and he has been active for
      several years. Refer to beginning statement re: AAA.*
      8) Get a series of short accounts of SACC (SACC-FEST) and why it is
      important for you, that would run in Teaching Anthropology: SACC Notes
      */(the recent letter from Mary Huber to Mark Lewine would be an
      excellent 1^st paper [slightly edited) Her outsider perspective from the
      Carnegie Fd. would carry some weight. This would also be a good one for
      the Anthrop News column. New members Laura Gonzales Miramar in San Diego
      and James Todd of Modesto JC have said that they would work on such
      brief reports from the perspectives of "What's in it for you?" and send
      them to Lloyd [to include one in each current SACC Notes] and the Ex. Bd./
      */9) Focus on Anthropology faculty in the Washington DC region as part
      of the next SACC Annual Meeting. A) Is there some one in that region
      [Delaware, Penn., and Maryland. Virginia and West Virginia as well as
      the DC. B) /*/I think if we focus papers on Sat/Sun and tour other days,
      we could come up with a special rate for adjunct [part time] faculty.
      The Annual meeting is one area where budget is in our direct control. My
      son Toby lives in SE Pennsylvania and is a computer researcher. He has
      kindly agreed to research all Community College-like institutions in the
      region for those who teach Anthropology and to get address and names of
      Faculty. Hopefully that will be done by the first of May.(Unfortunately
      not possible.)/
      */10) Focus on the Networking value. A) /*/Let's see if we can get lists
      of jobs to post at the conference. *B)* Also have Mark do a session at
      SACC-FEST on "So you want a job at a Community College, do you?"/
      */11) Lloyd put forth a question about membership decline. A) Is AAA
      declining also at a greater or lesser rate than SACC/*/? My (Rob)
      understanding was that their rate was even more than ours. Mel, do you
      have that information? **B) Community College are using the corporate
      model of fewer full-timers and more adjunct and also permanent faculty
      who are not solely trained Anthropologist but include; Sociologists,
      Psychologists, and geographers. One idea is to see if there could be one
      membership fee for CC faculty that would include all fields? Lloyd, were
      you going to follow up on that?/
      12) One additional idea for Ann Kaupp concerning the SACC-FEST was to
      see if it were possible to get a speaker on "Deaf Culture"? Galletet
      University in the area and Jo Rainey knows some one at Gallatin West
      which is located near Ohlone. She was to contact some one local to get a
      name of some one back east for Ann to contact.
      There was a suggestion that SACC notes run a few (1 per issue) of
      Regional Reports. There three volunteers. 1) Rob Edwards (with James
      Todd and Bill Fairbanks) on the January California Anthropology Teachers
      in San Luis Obispo. 2) Bob Muckle, currently Regional Rep of Canada [and
      any day now, the rest of the world]. And 3) Dennis Kellogg, Prairie /Plains

      * *

      * *

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