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      Subject: Human Ecology of Foragers - One Recent Title (fwd)

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      Subject: Human Ecology of Foragers - One Recent Title

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      Here is a historic work, just published, which could be of interest to you.
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      Dash, Jagannatha,
      Human Ecology of Foragers : A Study of the Kharia (Savara), Ujia (Savara)
      and Birhor in Similipal Hills / Jagannatha Dash. 1st ed. New Delhi,
      Commonwealth Publishers. 1999. xx, 483 p. ills. (partly col.). maps. 25 cm.
      List Price: $ 113.30 Your Price: $ 102
      ISBN: 8171695515 KK-09260


      "Human Ecology of Foragers" is a pioneering study on the foragers or
      socalled hunters and food-gatherers of Similipal Hills, Orissa (India).
      Though hunting and food-gathering ways of life have been considered the most
      archaic as well as successful adaptation man has ever achieved, in view of
      the rapidly changing world today, anthropologists apprehend that no such
      culturers will be left for future study. Such an apprehension has primarily
      initiated the necessity for the present study on the foragers.
      Keeping in view the factors of extinction of the foragers, secondary
      primitivization of the agricultural tribes and the acculturation of the
      primitive tribes, the study has thrown light on the life and cultures of the
      forest-based Hill Kharia (in the book as Kharia (Savara), Ujia (Savara) and
      Birhor in Similipal hills both diachronically and synchronically.
      The book is original in the context that it has been prepared out of
      two-years of field work in the Similipal Biosphere Reserve. Keeping
      empirically a critical ethnographic record of the techno-economic conditions
      of three peoples, the book has vividy discussed the cultural orientation of
      the peoples toward the forest ecosystem and their overall economic
      development achieved by self-made efforts as well as Government Welfare
      Programmes. The study has mainly reflected that such modern fragers are
      dependent more on the food-gathering activities than hunting. Besides the
      established facts that "hunting is a high risk and low return subsistence
      activity" and "vegetable foods are abundant in nature", mainly because of
      the present forest conservation policy of India, gathering of renewable
      resources has been the primary occupation of the Similipal forages.
      List of Tables, Maps and Diagrams
      1. Introduction
      2. Peoples and Habitat
      3. Ecology and Techno-Economics: Resource Collection,
      Technology and
      Adaptive Strategy
      4. Ecology and Techno-Economics: Resource Utilisation and the
      Web of
      5. Forest Policy and Forest-Based Peoples
      6. The Scene of Change and Development
      7. Conclusion


      Dr. Jagannatha Das holds M.Sc. and Ph.D. Degrees in anthropology from Utkal
      University. He is at present teaching in the Post-graduate Department of
      Anthropology, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, Orissa (India) as a Reader.


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