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FW: Introducing the New Seventh Edition of John Relethford's Physical Anthropology Text

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      To: Popplestone, Ann
      Subject: Introducing the New Seventh Edition of John Relethford's
      Physical Anthropology Text

      Dear Professor Popplestone,

      Our records indicate that you teach physical anthropology. I am excited
      to inform you of the new seventh edition of <b>The Human Species: An
      Introduction to Biological Anthropology</b> by John Relethford.

      This text introduces physical anthropology, the science of human
      biological evolution and variation. It addresses the major questions
      that concern biological anthropologists: "What are humans?" "How are we
      similar to and different from other animals?" "Where are our origins?"
      "How did we evolve?" "Are we still evolving?" "How are we different from
      one another?" and "What does the future hold for the human species?".

      Here are some of the new features from the seventh edition:
      <b>New material</b> on life history theory, primate reproductive
      strategies, alloparenting, and dispersal and behavior has been added to
      the chapter on mammalian and primate biology and behavior (5).
      <b>A new chapter on methods of paleoanthropological research</b>
      includes dating methods, methods of ecological and behavioral analysis
      from fossils, a brief history of evolution before the appearance of the
      first primates, and more!
      <b>New topics added throughout</b> the text including discussion of
      uniformitarianism and geologic time, recent developments in the
      "intelligent design" movement, new research on natural selection in the
      Duffy blood group and the 32CCR5 allele, new interpretations on
      nutrition in hunting-gathering societies, and more!

      This new edition is available now along with the Online Learning Center
      for your spring classes. Please follow the link below for more
      information on the text and to order your complimentary desk copies


      Thank you for choosing McGraw-Hill Higher Education for your course


      <i>Leslie Oberhuber</i>

      Executive Marketing Manager - Anthropology
      McGraw-Hill Higher Education

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