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FW: Short-term Assignment in Rwanda

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      Subject: Short-term Assignment in Rwanda

      Chemonics International Inc. is looking for a deputy chief of pa rty
      to work on its Rwanda Improved Public Awareness Campaign,
      a USAID-sponsored project. The position would be on a
      short-term (3 month) contract basis. The project is currently < /FONT>
      running through March 2000, but is likely to be extended until
      September 2000, so we are looking to fill the position

      Potential candidates should have at least a Masters' degree in
      sociology or anthropology (Ph.D. preferred), fluent French, and
      experience in Rwanda, preferably with knowledge of the Gacaca
      traditional community justice system.

      A description of the project and a scope of work is attached

      Interested candidates should send a cv and salary requirements

      Tori Paide, Project Administrator
      Chemonics International Inc.
      1133 20th Street, NW, Suite 600
      Washington, DC 20036

      tpaide@... <mailto:tpaide@...>



      Chemonics IEC Project

      The Rwanda Improved Public Awareness Campaign supports a
      two-way information flow between the government's Ministry of
      Justice and the people of Rwanda for the Gacaca Tribunal
      proposal, a legislative proposal recently launched by Rwanda's< /FONT>
      Ministry of Justice (MOJ) in the wake of the 1994 genocide.
      Gacaca is a system of justice based on traditional justice
      models that emphasizes reconciliation within the community
      along with punishment of perpetrators. There are at least
      125,000 genocide justice cases pending, and the MOJ hopes
      to pass the Gacaca legislation to expedite these cases through< /FONT>
      the system in early 2000.

      The Assistant Chief of Party (ACOP) will have primary
      responsibility for all research and analysis in support of the< /FONT>
      information, education, and awareness (IEC) campaign for
      Gacaca. This includes formulating a research plan and
      appropriates research methodology, designing research
      instruments, overseeing collation and interpretation of data an d
      preparation of analysis/reports.

      The ACOP will be responsible for regular and timely monitoring
      of media impact. Under the supervision of the COP, he/she will< /FONT>
      formulate recommendations for modification or refinement of the
      media strategy when circumstances warrant. Other research
      duties include:

      * Conduct a literature review of related local justice intervent ions
      in Africa and prepare a report with conclusions re commendations
      * Anticipate and identify major issues of popular concern over< /FONT>
      Gacaca and formulate recommendations for addressing thes e
      concerns in media interventions
      * Coordinate research and community - based activities with oth er
      institutions in the justice sector in Rwanda conce rned with
      national reconciliation and conflict management
      * Formulate strategies to address particular needs or concerns of
      special interest groups or specific targets
      * Organize conferences, seminars, and workshops on gacaca and
      related justice issues
      * Record/chronicle the entire gacaca process as it develops

      Training / technical assistance

      The ACOP will also have responsibility for training of a local t eam
      of field interviewers, mediators, and data collectors and will oversee
      a local legal anthropologist and folklore experts in the formul ation
      of key IEC messages. The ACOP will advise the COP in the
      development and production of video documentaries and training< /FONT>
      materials. The AACOP will assist in the management and
      implementation of events on gacaca such as town meetings,
      festivals, national contests and other promotional events. The< /FONT>
      ACOP will also be responsible for training of local facilitator s
      and animators.


      * Masters' degree in a social science discipline or anthropology ,
      PhD preferred
      * Demonstrated experience in conducting quantitative and
      qualitative research using surveys and/or focus gr oups
      * Experience in training, teaching or coaching
      * Fluency in French
      * Prior experience with USAID-sponsored projects
      * Experience in Rwanda

      Chemonics International Inc.
      1133 20th Street, NW, Suite 600
      Washington, DC 20036
      www.chemonics.com <http://www.chemonics.com>
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