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FW: New Smithsonian Anthropology Web Site and Exhibition (fwd)

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  • Popplestone, Ann
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      Subject: New Smithsonian Anthropology Web Site and Exhibition (fwd)

      Having trouble loading their site. I think the server may be getting too
      many hits.
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      Subject: New Web Site and Exhibition

      Please take a look at the recently-completed, bi-lingual, multi-media web
      site Smithsonian Expeditions. If you have shockwave on your computer, you
      can enjoy the sound dimension as well. The site uses the collections of
      the Smithsonian Anthropology Department, SI Archives and SI Libraries to
      highlight people and events in the 150 years of Smithsonian research in
      Latin America. It includes ca.100 illustrations and is in both English and
      Spanish. Expeditions is based on the exhibit held several years ago at the
      Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in Washington, D.C. and co-curated by
      Jane Walsh (Anth Dept) Pam Henson (SI Archives) and Maggie Dittemore (SI
      Libraries). The same 3 individuals formed the working group for the web
      Also of special note is the recently-opened exhibition Smithsonian
      Expeditions: Exploring Latin America and the Caribbean at the Miami Museum
      of Science. Based on the original IDB exhibition, it is a larger, more
      interactive, hands-on production complete with the tomb of a Mayan King, a
      9-foot Olmec head, microscopes and binoculars for children and adults to
      explore various things with, pull-drawers of artifacts, live animals (from
      Miami Museum collections), flip books (reproduced from SILibraries'
      collections), etc.�a rich, immersive experience and the first exhibition to
      result from the Smithsonian�s Affiliations Program! Jane Walsh is the head
      curator. See the Miami Museum�s home page and click on Smithsonian
      http://www.miamisci.org <http://www.miamisci.org>

      The press release and information about the exhibition are there and a
      virtual tour (now under construction) should be soon. You will see
      reproductions of SI Libraries� materials scattered throughout the
      exhibition. If you are in Miami (it should be there for the next 5 years or
      so), take the opportunity to see it! It is well worth it!
      Maggie Dittemore
      John Wesley Powell Library of Anthropology
      Smithsonian Institution Libraries
      Washington, D.C. 20560

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