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FW: Visions of Culture revision

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      Subject: Visions of Culture revision

      We are publishers of Jerry Moore's undergraduate textbook on anthropological
      theory, VISIONS OF CULTURE. It teaches theory through the examination of
      the interrelationships of biography, field work, and theoretical writings
      of 21 well known anthropological theorists from Tylor & Morgan to Harris and
      Fernandez. Now 3 years old, we're looking to revise this very successful
      book. We would be interested in hearing from anyone who has used this as a
      textbook as to what worked well and what didn't. We would also like to hear
      about your concerns if you considered the book and decided not to use it.
      Finally, we would like to know which theorists should be added or deleted to
      this next edition.
      Some brief descriptive information about the book is available on our
      website, www.altamirapress.com <http://www.altamirapress.com>
      Thanks in advance for your help. Please reply to me offline so as not to
      occupy band width.
      mitch allen, publisher, AltaMira Press
      mallen@... <mailto:mallen@...>
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